Sunday, August 7, 2016


Dear all,
I realized I haven't been writing many details/stories from the week in awhile. So this time I'm gonna share one spiritual thought and then just make a list of random, funny stuff that has happened so far on my mission. Also I will include my compilation of some castellano words and phrases. Feel free to introduce them to the US. I sure will when I get back.
Spiritual thought: Alma 26:16
Random stuff: 
- I ate rava aka octopus. It was pretty good cuz it was breaded and we ate it with really yummy rice.
- we had a lesson with an old old man in a hut. We set up this cita with him and he had prepared everything for when we came to teach. Yup, he remembered we were coming and he prepared....which included him setting up a statue of the Virgin Mary on the table around which we sat and shared the message of the Restoration. He is really good, but not willing to change or listen to us very much. (Argentines LOVE to talk, for the most part.) But we invited him to church and maybe someday, he'll be ready to come.   
- one morning I fell asleep praying. That's not too surprising considering how tiring it is to be a missionary, but I was praying OUT LOUD and I still fell asleep...luckily Hna Cordova woke me up and I was able to continue without further interruptions. 
- my hands are ALWAYS cold. But they don't hurt. It's just funny cuz men are always surprised by how cold my hands are. And one time, we were contacting someone on a street corner. He was a little drunk. We shook hands with him, and he turns to me and asks "Vos estas muerta?? Tus manos son helados!" (Are you dead? Your hands are freezing!) Yeah haha it was an interesting chat.
- el 25 de Mayo is some kind of holiday here in Argentina (dia de patria). Some kind of independence day, I think. And apparently they always celebrate with locro. So we ate locro! It was delicious, the only problem was that we had just eaten a big almuerzo with some elderly members who are very wealthy and very generous. We had asado and choripan (a chorizo sandwich p.s. the chorizo here is different from what I ate before the mission. Both are super good.) and budin de pan con dulce de leche (kind of like flan, but better). So we were STUFFED that day. My stomach has expanded a lot. It's not a good thing.
- one time we ordered Grido. Yes, in the United States we have pizza delivery and that is awesome. In Argentina, they also have ice cream delivery and that is a beautiful thing. Grido helado is the bomb. 
- I cannot pronounce izquierda. Maybe before I finish my mission, I'll be able to. That's just one of my goals...
- I understand why everyone has a dog here. Dogs are the timbres (doorbells) of the house.
- we´ve had some interesting interactions with people from other religions. Testigos came and knocked on our door one day. Testigos have a pretty bad rep around here and sometimes people think we are testigos cuz we wear skirts like them. And another time, a guy in a car stopped us and asked us if we were Christians. We were a bit wary of him, but he explained to us a bit of what he believed and he gave us some books that he translated. He was kind so we shared a bit of what believed too and gave him a pamphlet of the Restoration. Then we were gonna shake his hand goodbye and he said he couldn't touch us. Weird. We're used to being the ones who people think are strange because we can't kiss men on the cheek to say hello and goodbye. But in this instance, he was more extreme than us. But yeah, it was interesting and he seemed like a sincere fellow. I hope he reads the pamphlet.
- Sunday was the farewell talk of Tomas Rodriguez. It was quite the Sunday, let me tell you. We were remembering our own farwells so it was bittersweet. I cried. Tears escaped me when Tomas spoke becaue he shared a story that I think is entitled "Te hallare mi querido amigo" and because I was thinking about my family.
More sweet than bitter though, because then Obispo Salimbeni got up and talked about missionary work and pumped everyone up. At least, I was super pumped when I heard him talk. He is seriously so awesome.
I'll include my Argentine spanish list next week, I promise.
I'm so glad I'm here in Argentina. I'm doing this because I truly love this gospel and I know it's true. Thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know my family can be together for eternity. But only if we all put forth our very best effort to LIVE the gospel. So that's what I'm doing and what I'm helping other people do.
Con mucho amor,
Hna Huston

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