Sunday, August 7, 2016

Off to Chivilcoy!

Dear all,
This week was loco. I´m emailing from las oficinas right now. We couldn't email yesterday because it was dia de la bandera and everything was closed! It was a long weekend for everyone here in Argentina because they had feriado (holiday) on both Friday and Monday.
But yeah, this week was really great. We had divisiones on Tuesday so I learned a lot from Hna Dos Santos (from Brazil) and by now she is already at her house cuz she finished her mission this traslado. She is super wonderful and I loved that I got to spend a day learning from her example. Then on Thursday we went to Capital to do tramites, but turns out they were tramites truchos because we were supposed to go at the earliest, 10 days before my visa is going to we went too early. 
After that we had a trio for a few days which was muy divertido. And then on Sunday night, they called us with the changes. I am going to Chivilcoy (CAMPO!) with Hna Alarcon (she's from Mexico, Mami!) and we're gonna be riding bici! Apparently she's the only Hermana from Mexico in our whole mission. So I'm lucky to be with her :) and the pench in Chvilcoy is super cheto! I'm pumped for that cuz the pench in Ituzaingo 3 was one of the oldest in the mission. I mean, I loved it and it was muy lindo...but the pench I'm gonna be in now has a LAVAROPAS and a microwave - WOOT WOOT! That is really rare. So I'm gonna appreciate it while I can. 
Yesterday was rough...saying goodbye to the people in Ituzaingo wasn't easy. But I am excited for the new experiences I will have and new people I will meet in Chivilcoy. 
Today, we went to Capital again and this time it was a success. I renewed my visa and then in a month or two I'll finally get my residencia...or whatever it's called that will let me stay in Argentina for two years ish. 
Lots of change this week, but change is good cuz it helps us progress un monton!
Con amor,
Hna Huston
P.S. Apparently the US is doing pretty well in something...cuz when I mention that I'm from the US, everyone updates me on our status in fútbol. Woot woot! 
Go USA! And Argentina!

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