Sunday, August 7, 2016


First off, I just want to apologize up front for my short and sometimes really lame responses to all your emails. I have VERY limited time to email on P-days and sometimes it's rough. Because I love you all and I want to send you better emails. Just...please forgive me and please know that I LOVE YOU. K? K, cool. 
This week was so crazy and so awesome! On Monday we had a p-day de zona and we played Mafia and Kickball and ate tons of treats and got to know the missionaries in our zone. It was super fun! Then we had a reunion de distrito on Tuesday where we practiced teaching niƱos and learned more about teaching by the Spirit. I am doing better with role-playing!! I know now how much they really do help and I want to be as prepared as I can to teach and help others feel the Spirit. So yeah, thanks for your prayers! 
We have a new lider misional and he is super animado about missionary work! Seriously, he went all-out in helping us and the barrio prepare for the bautismo de Juanita (which was on Saturday). It was muy muy lindo! And after the spiritual part, the leaders set up a bouncy house (yes, a bouncy house) for the kids. There's a first for everything haha
But yeah, it was a wonderful experience and her family (mom and sister and uncle) looked so happy even though they are not members and aren't really interested...yet. Someday, they'll be ready to accept the gospel. 
On Friday we had divisiones! So I was left in our area with Hna Cespedes. Since I was dirigiendo...we got lost a lot. But we talked with lots of people and we invited a joven named Maximiliano to the church dance that night that was a celebration of the 20 years since the construction of the capilla. AND HE CAME!!! As missionaries, we invite lots of people to do lots of things, but it's always super exciting when they actually do it! And it was especially a milagro because he was a random stranger that we happened to meet that day. (Coincidence? I think not! ---name that movie...) And the milagro didn't stop there. The obispo and all the miembros were super impressed with him. 
On Sunday, Obispo told us we needed to invite him to more activities so he can have another dance-off with him hahaha our bishop is the best. He is an RM and is always helping us and motivating us. Anyway, THEN, after church and after one lesson (with Juan, who is doing really well btw) and a couple no-shows...we were walking along Brandsen when I saw someone familiar. We were far away and I wasn't SURE who it was, but then he waved and I knew. So we crossed the street and talked with Maxi and got to know him a bit better and taught La Restauracion and long story short, he has a baptismal date for the end of Mayo. The dificultad is that he plays futbol on Sundays, but we're gonna try to get him to church asap. He's awesome. 
The whole week has been like that. Milagro after milagro. I think we're feeling the blessings of Juanita's bautismo. I love this work. I love bringing souls unto Christ. It's the best thing ever. Share the gospel this week. Becuase it's true and it brings lasting happiness and peace in this life and the life to come.
Hermana Huston
P.S. I'll have to send the pictures of Juanita's baptism next week cuz Hna Flores forgot her USB. Whoops...Also, my camera is broken so I depend on other people for all my pictures now just fyi.

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