Sunday, August 7, 2016

in the zone

We've been having a lot of experiences lately where people come up and approach US to talk to with us. Milagros! And then we get their address and sometimes a specific cita to go visit them. It's pretty exciting. Today we're gonna go for the first time to a home that we contacted yesterday and we're pumped because the kids were super buenos. 
I'm starting to feel less nervous and more confident in myself and my castellano. All the studying and prayers and fasting are definitely helping and working miracles in me. God is helping me. For example, yesterday marks a landmark for me in my, in my LIFE. Cuz I gave my very first talk where I didn't write down every word I was gonna say. AND it was in castellano. WOOT WOOT. 
Shout out to my wonderful mother for sending me the email that was the main thing I based my talk off of. It was the conversion story and testimony of her oldest brother Hector as well as her testimony. So I shared lots of testimonies yesterday because of course I added my own testimony in my discurso. 
I prayed so much. And I KNOW that God helped me have the Spirit when I was up there at the pulpit or else there's NO way I could've done that. Not that it was perfect, but it was the message that I felt God wanted me to share about "las bendiciones del Libro de Mormon" and I didn't faint or anything. I winged my talk for the first time ever, (I had notes, but I didn't have my whole talk written out word-for-word) and the Spirit guided my words. That may seem like a small or insignificant miracle to others, but to me, that is maravilloso. Because I've never been able to do that before. I always let my fear and doubt get in my way. 
But no more. I am learning and growing. I know there will still be times where I fail, but it's okay. I just need to do the very best I can and rely on the Lord. This gospel is amazing. 
Con amor,
Hna Huston
P.S. This pic is from our Zone Conference on my birthday :)
Hna Alarcon, my comp, is to the right of me if you're looking at the photo. And the two hermanas on the far right are Hna Macha and Hna LeSeur (from Peru and from Gilbert, AZ) and the elder on the far right is Elder Tingey, also from AZ...Mesa, I think. Lots of Arizonans :) 

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