Sunday, August 7, 2016


Josh´s birthday is Cinco de Mayo in case you didn't know. He will be 22 years old so make sure to wish him a happy birthday and shower him with love and gifts and all of that. I LOVE YOU, JOSHY!
I really don't know what to write this week. Every week so many things happen that I can't write it all in an email. Enserio. But I'll send pictures!
Oh! We played ping pong last P-day and I am currently the reigning champ. We only played one game of Around the World....but still. haha ;)
On Friday I've officially been in Argentina for ONE MONTH! I can't believe how fast time goes, it feels like I arrived yesterday. LOCO. 
Did I mention that Juan is getting baptized this Sabado? JUAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! We're super pumped and hopefully 
Also, pardon my Spanglish. I am losing my ability to speak and write English. It really does feel weird to speak English! I never thought I'd say that, but it's true.
Con amor, 
Hna Huston

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