Sunday, August 7, 2016


Dear all, 
It's so weird how much I've changed. So strange, but so good. I am focused on other people so much, that when I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror (on the collectivo or in someone's house), I am surprised by the person I see in my reflection. I wonder: woah, is that what I look like? I had almost forgotten. 
Anywho, as promised:
My compilation of Castellano words and phrases...
a ful!
barbaro (they say this about anything and everything. And it makes us (foreigners) laugh so much)
nos vemos en Disney - (said sarcastically) it means that that is never going to happen
capas/quisas - maybe
My favorites are "de diez" and "capo" which mean AWESOME! :)
Oh, and I love "coso." It doesn't have an exact translation because it basically means "that thing that I forgot the name of so I'm going to substitute it with COSO" hahaha I love Argentinos. 
Here are some more words with translation:
suelo - floor
lechonsita - piglet
colectivo - bus
fideos - pasta
obvio - obviously 
chapa - crazy
gaseosa - soda
rostro - face
barro - mud
reja - fence (almost EVERY house has a reja...inseguridad)
nena - baby girl
nene - baby boy
cachoro - puppu
cacheton - has chubby cheeks (person or dog usually) 
pochoclo - popcorn (choclo - corn...obvio)
mantequilla de mani - peanut butter
zorro - fox
berrinches - temper tantrums
picaflor - a type of bird or a ladies' man
nivel - level
grano de mostasa - mustard seed
helado - ice cream (YUM!)
palta - avocado
madrugada - middle of the night
libelula - dragonfly
fondo - backyard or more profound or far away
re (pronounced "ray") - very     (so, re bueno - very good)
palestra - rock-climbing wall
cancion de cuna - lullaby
luna de miel - honeymoon 
budin de amapola - loaf of lemon poppy seed bread (soooo good)
That´s all for now. The experiences I'm having are so diverse and many in number and hard to explain that I can't communicate everything in emails, I'm sorry. But I'll be home before you know it. Time is seriously going way too fast. Our weeks are like this: Lunes - p-day to prepare for the week. Jueves - planeamiento semenal (we make plans for the missionary week), Domingo - we partake of the sacrament (our 15 minutes to breathe and renew our covenants) and then the cycle starts all over again. Lunes, Jueves, Domingo. All of our time is dedicated to the people here. I'm serious. It's wonderful and hard. HARD because we feel their pains and their struggles, but also maravilloso because we can help by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. The Church is true. 
I love you all!
Hermana Huston

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