Sunday, August 7, 2016


I'm going to have a "madrastra" because Hna Flores is going to Atalaya to be an herrmana lider entrenadora. I know she'll be great! I got the feeling that she was ready to "fly"...that is, move on to a new area since she has been here in Ituzaingo for some time. I know she is super excited and ready for the challenge. 
As for me, this week I have been struggling with my faith. Faith in myself. Will I ever be the missionary that my Heavenly Father wants me to be? ...It's rough sometimes. I have so many desires and I am trying my best, but sometimes I am impatient with my seemingly infinitesimally slow progress. I need to stop comparing myself (a newbie with 2 months as a missionary) to hermanas with 10 or 12 months. Someday - with lots of divine help - I will reach that point.
Whelp, I know it will take time and patience to reach the point where I feel confident with everything...and for now, that's all I need. To keep praying for mas esperanza and faith so that I can grow more and more firm in my faith and learn step by step all that I need to learn. And pray for and be worthy of the Spirit. 
I'm so grateful for the Spirit. I am so grateful that here on the mission, I am never alone. I have a companion always. A companion who is a missionary like me, and then a divine companion - the Holy Ghost. I am still learning how to recognize the Spirit. 
Basically, I am a work in progress. 
I'm really glad I'm getting another Peruana to finish my training! I'm sure she'll be capa, just like Hna Flores. 

Also, Juan is the newest member of Ituzaingo 3! He was baptized yesterday. He is super bueno. I hope he finds someone in the ward to marry!!!! that maybe someday before I finish my mission, I can see him be sealed in the temple. I know God has great things in store for him and his family. 

Just like He has great things in store for each one of you!

Con mucho amor, Hna Huston

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