Sunday, August 7, 2016


Dear all,
Whelp, this week has been very interesting. I have a bicycle (it's plain black) and I love it. It's fun even though it's also so different than walking. It's pretty weird how many times I am doing something and just think..."what on earth? How can this be real life? How can this be my life? I must be making things up." But no. It is real life and it is my life. I am riding around on a bicycle in the rain and wind and cold to share the gospel with people I just barely met, but somehow I already love. 
Ugh, I am so far from perfect, it is laughable. I am so wet, it is funny. I am so ME, it makes me shake my head at myself.
But I am also a representative of Jesus Christ. So I am happy.
Happy doing these funny, weird, tough, crazy things. 
To clarify what these "things" are, here are some examples:
- sharing my testimony on the spot in my new rama (in spanish obviously)
- being the only people in the whole city who wear helmets when riding bikes.
- riding a bike in whatever weather (and always in a skirt)
- saludando a todos (saying hola! buen dia/ buenas tardes/ buenas noches to EVERYONE regardless of the response we get in return)
- teaching lessons and praying in the oddest situations and cualquier circumstances
- going to teach a lesson with Hna LeSeur cuz our comps were both sick. (yeah, they trusted us to do that, idk how, but somehow it worked out.)
It's a party. I learn and grow every single day. I'm not where I want to be obviously, but I am trying my hardest and I am learning that I will NEVER be perfect. I just want to keep working. And keep improving. 
It's a good thing I'm used to my body hurting. I feel bad for my comp cuz she was so tired the other day, that she just couldn't. So we went home and she slept for a few hours. I wrote in my journal and studied PME and slept a bit too. I'm just thankful for my background in running cuz that helps me be strong in moments that test my physical endurance.
Oh yeah, so it's four of us in one pench now and it's super fun! Hna LeSeur is from Gilbert, AZ (SHOUT-OUT TO KRISTI RUSH!!!!!) and she also likes to run so we've all gone running a couple times already. Hna Macha is from Peru and she's our hermana training leader. A lot of the older sister missionaries are finishing their missions and going home and that's why we only have one hermana lider entrenadora instead of a companionship. I try not to let it stress me out that that means younger missionaries like me are gonna have to step it up SOON. Ah! I am doing the best I can and trying to learn all I can so I can be ready for anything. It's so hard. But possible. Thank goodness for the gospel. 
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Huston
P.S. Next week I'll try to send pics from my last transfer cuz Hna Cordova promised she'd email me some. 

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