Sunday, August 7, 2016

about to be booted out of the country

Dear all, 
So I'm not really gonna be booted out of the country, but almost. I got an email today from the oficinas saying that my documents haven't arrived yet and my temporary visa is about to we set up a day for me to go to Capital and renew my visa. Phew! It'll be just one of many adventures this week cuz every week is full of 'em.
Really quickly, thoughts from Hna Huston this week:
How can I be on the mission for THREE MONTHS already and still feel like I know nothing? Arggggggh.
But this morning in my personal study, I read a capitulo in 1 Peter that helped me feel tons better and I want to share a bit. 
6 - we must humble ourselves before God
7 - we must cast ALL our cares upon him, because He cares about us. 
8 - Be sober. Be vigilant. because the devil, the adversary, the lion is all around us seeking to destroy all that is good. (YUP! that is the truth right there...)
10 - But REMEMBER: Dios le ha llamado a su gloria eterna en Jesucristo. Isn't that beautiful? And even more so because it is TRUE. God is with us. God wants to help us along the road to eternal life. 
He allows us to go through trying times BECAUSE He loves us. Because it is through those trials and hardships that He perfects us. As long as we do what it is says in verses 6, 7, 8, and 9. 
I don't know if this will help anyone out there in the U.S., but it certainly helped me to have a bit more patience with myself. It's hard cuz I wish I was perfect cuz my faults are keeping me from helping all the people I want to help. But I'm definitely not perfect. And that's okay. God just expects me to do the best that I can do right now and keep working hard to IMPROVE. So here's to continual progress. To constant TRYING to learn and advance on the path to perfection. 
Con mucho amor,
Hna Huston
P.S. I also loved verse 14 of that same chapter. It's perfect for Argentina cuz we always "greet one another with a kiss of charity." hahaha looks like Argentina is on the right track in something ;)

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