Sunday, August 7, 2016

a few of my favorite things

Dear all,
My favorite things about Argentina (apart from the people, of course), are the sky and the ice cream. Both are heavenly. 
And I love the Spirit too.
Other random notes from Hna Huston in Chivilcoy:
- kinotos are little, oval oranges. But oranges that you can eat the peel of. Super yummy.
- I dream in Spanish now! Apparently I still talk in my sleep occasionally...
- the other Sunday our class was on ayuno (fasting). And Elder Brockbank started the class asking what we knew about fasting. Someone spoke up and starting describing his morning and how he prepared himself breakfast and stuff....what?? hahaha he was describing "desayuno" not "ayuno". When we all recovered from our inital surprise, we all had a good laugh. And by the end, everyone understood what ayuno meant, thankfully. 
- We wear helmets for more than just our physical protection. They make us look uglier and that is a very good thing. Nothing bad has happened, do not worry. God protects us. It's funny how much the mission is a metaphor for life. Follow the mission rules. Keep the commandments. And God WILL bless you and guide you. 
- look up "She's going on a mission" (Hna Alarcon has that song and it's super funny. I'll watch the video when I get back, but in the meantime, I thought you'd all enjoy it.)
- Missionaries have many roles: nurse, psychologist, ping pong player, baker, friend, cyclist, listener, dog and house-sitter, the list is endless. But obviously the most important: respresentative of Jesus Christ.
If you're wondering "dog and house-sitter???), let me explain. Yes, in my last area, we took care of someone's house and dog while he was in the hospital. I forgot to tell that story, but I want to share it now. 
Esteban is a recent convert in Ituzaingo. He is 60 something years old and after he got baptized, he resumed his bad habit of smoking and we were trying to help him reach his goal of quitting for good. 
So, one night, Hna Cordova and I had just finished a lesson and didn't have any set plans, but we consulted our map and our possible plans and for some reason, everything was directing us to a certain street called Brandsen. So we walked all the way to Brandsen and started along that road, when all of a sudden, we see Esteban. He was hobbling along and we said hello, but as we got closer, we realized that he was in a lot of pain. He was trying to get to the pharmacy, so we walked with him. But it was closed and the pain was getting increasingly worse. Ugh we felt so bad for him, becuase he was in such pain. We walked him home and from his house, we called the ambulance. They came and he gave us the keys to his house and then they took him to capital to a hospital. 
We called the Bishop and let him know what was going on. And for the next couple days we made sure his dog (Ñoño) had food and water.
What is the main point of telling you this story? 
The Holy Ghost guided us to Esteban that night. I know that without any doubt. He needed us that night, and thanks to the Spirit, we were led to him.
And you know what else?
After Esteban's stay in the hospital (he underwent an operation of his vesicula...don't know what that is in English honestly), he returned home and told us that he didn't smoke anymore. He wasn't allowed to smoke in the hospital, so he was FINALLY able to overcome that addiction.
God works in mysterious and miraculous ways. 
Con amor,
Hna Huston 

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