Tuesday, March 1, 2016

good stuff

After my farewell talk, we went to the Spanish branch with Fiona and my mom because Mom was teaching Relief Society there. She did a wonderful job and it turned out to be a very eventful visit.
We heard all about Weston's experiences later...
First off, Weston had to introduce himself in the middle of priesthood. To explain why he was visiting, he said, "Yo soy enamorando con Monica Huston." Awwwww
I'm sure the members got a kick out of that. I sure did!
I'm sure they understood though, since he served in Portugal. He just used the Portuguese word for "dating." 
One more story that he shared with us later. He was walking by a couple of girls at church and one of them turned to the other and said, "Dang! He's FIIINE." She could have been trying to whisper, but she did a terrible job. Which may have been on purpose.
When he told me and Fiona, we busted up laughing.

Weston snuck a photo of me at the pulpit during my farewell talk and Thomas took some notes. And they nailed it. So if you weren't there in person, now you can feel like you were!

Colton, the youngest Lines boy.


  1. Monica!!!! I was so curious to know if you had a boyfriend but my doubt has been erased with this post. You two look great together and it's so good to see you so happy. Congratulations on having a "fiine" boyfriend and on your decision to still go on a mission!

    1. Hahaha gracias, Tia Liliana! It's been a crazy and wonderful month, but I am really happy to be going on a mission too. And I appreciate that you read my blog! Te quiero!

  2. Te quiero tambien and I always read your blog!