Saturday, March 19, 2016

Made It to Sunday

Dear all, 
Sorry about the suspense caused by my last email! K, here's the story in a nutshell. My throat has been hurting since before I even entered the MTC, but since I never take medicine, I just kept going on with life. But my throat still HURT really bad, and it hurt to swallow, which you do a lot when you're talking a lot. And missionaries have to talk a lot. So...yeah. Hma Hardinger convinced me to go see the doctor and I was tested for the flu and strep throat, but thankfully that wasn't it. I just had a small fever (my temp was 101) and the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and ibuprofen so that's why we walked to the Health Center and I saw a Sister Shepherd. She LOOKED super familiar, but I couldn't remember how I know her. Anywho, I am totally fine now. Yay!
I absolutely love my companion, Hma Hardinger, and my entire district. Most of them are native speakers, but Hma Hardinger is not. They stuck the gringas together haha but it's wonderful! It was a little weird figuring each other out and stuff in the beginning, but now we are best friends. She is serving in the Panama City, Panama mission and we both are so excited to get out in the field. I mean, I love the MTC. But I am already kinda REALLY excited to leave and go to's a weird paradox.
Me encanta Espanol! (I don't know how to type Spanish accents or upside-down exclamation points or else I totally would've right there.) Even though I understand everything being said and that is awesome...I am still in the advanced class so my struggle right now is trying to learn the gospel in Spanish and gain my testimony in Spanish and teach in Spanish and express myself in Spanish. It's frustrating because I would be able to do those things pretty well if I were speaking in my native tongue, but since it's's hard. Because most of the rest of my districto can already speak fluently, including regarding the gospel. I feel like a little child. ARGHHH But that's ok haha because I definitely need to learn some humility. Oh, and thank you Mom and Dad for having us read the Book of Mormon once as a family! That has helped a ton.
I just can't say enough how happy I am to be serving a mission right now. Everybody I've met and everything I've seen and felt and heard since I got here has been a confirmation to me that this is the true gospel and that this is what I am supposed to be doing. It's the best thing ever. 
It's funny that you guys got to email Elder Huston for two years and now you get to email Hermana Huston huh! It's weird for me too. 
Weird, but so cool!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Huston

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