Sunday, March 13, 2016

First email from the MTC

First off, IMPORTANT NOTE: I only have 10 minutes right now so I apologize that this will be a very short email. We just have enough time to tell our family and loved ones that we made it safely and we are happy and doing well. And believe me, I am so happy. Here at the MTC, we are immersed in the Spirit and I am loving every second. I am also already SUPER excited to get out there and share this gospel with the people of Argentina. 
I wrote a lot in my journal on my first night that I want to share, but I'll have to do that on Monday because that's our P-day! So I'll have more time. And we get to go to the temple! Woot woot!
But quick comp and I got to leave the MTC and walk to the Student Health Center on our second day in the MTC! So, yesterday...haha 
But I'll save that story for Monday as well. Don't worry, we're both fine now!
Oh and my comp and I have so many random similarities, it's hilarious!! Her mom is also from Mexico. (but she doesn't look AT ALL Mexican. She has auburn hair. And she wears hair extensions which was kinda new to me.) Her boyfriend is serving in the Lisbon, Portugal Mission! (We got to see him cuz he's here in the MTC too. Weird.) She is Hermana Hardinger so both our last names start with H. We both like to run! Hallelujah! Although, when she found out (I did not tell her, but she found out when we were having our little adventure at the Student Health Center and I saw a lady I knew who brought up my past as an athlete...), she almost changed her mind about running with me. But luckily she loves me and trusts me enough to still JOG with me. (her word) We'll see how it goes today haha
Well, I just want you to know that I am focused. And happy. Sometimes I can't believe that I am a MISSIONARY. And other times, I feel like I've been a missionary for YEARS. It's cool. 
It's starting to hit me that I will be talking to REAL people with REAL problems and helping them receive the restored gospel. That is a bit intimidating. (ok, VERY intimidating...) But, I KNOW that..."todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece." (Filipenses 4:13).
Oh and I LOVE SPANISH. Me encanta muchisimo. Y me encanta ser misionera! 
Please please please send me pictures and a package cuz you still can while I'm in the MTC...not when I'm in Argentina. And send me people's emails that I should include in my weekly email on Monday which is our P-day. Thank you and I love you all!!! 
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Huston

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