Sunday, February 21, 2016

Our France a nutshell

Friday - Louvre
Saturday - Palace of Versailles, Le Petite Train, river boat down the Seine, twinkling Eiffel Tower
Sunday - Church behind the modern art museum (Centre de Pompidou), the Notre Dame Cathedral
Monday - shopping!, Arc de Triomphe
Tuesday - Grandma K stayed at the hotel, TOP of the Eiffel Tower, Napoleon's Tomb and Les Invalides, Pizza Hut, Sephora 
Wednesday - Facials, FNAC, Caprice Cafe
Thursday - Dad was sick (he stayed home), we went to the opera and Place Vendôme, Place de la Concorde
Friday - Sacré Cœur, Musée D'Orsay, Seine River, Greek food

G - Grammy; D - Daddy; F - Fiona; and M - Monica (me)

Facetiming Mami towards the end of our time in Paris...
G: Anyone who can put up with these two crazies is a saint. 
F: A week is obviously too much.

F: When you realize you're turning into Dad. Because you start wanting to teach people self-defense moves and you have a song for everything.


How long would it take to see everything in the Louvre?
If you spent 100 days in the Louvre, then you'd be able to see everything. But only if you were there all day every day and spent 30 seconds on each work of art. 

I wonder what the original inhabitants of the Palace of Versailles would think of it now since everyone and anyone who coughs up 15 euros is allowed to walk around and gawk at everything.

Things I observed about France and French people:
There's plenty of PDA. (I now know why French kissing is dubbed FRENCH kissing.)
There's not as many obese people.
Dinner is later than the standard in the U.S.

F: I feel like the French people don't laugh. 
M: you're right.
F: we're over here having a good guffaw now and then and they're just like...[insert straight-faced emoji]

M: let's go get hot chocolate to warm up! 
G: let's go to where I used to live. There's a bakery where we can get hot chocolate near there!
F: let's go to Angelina's!
G: do you know the address?
F: no.
G: do you know the metro stop?
F: no.
G: you need to get on it, woman!

A little while later...
G: I need chocolate.
M: I like being with you, Grammy.

A lady came up to Fiona and starting speaking French. Her response: ¿Que?

F: Hey, look, they're advertising tampons! (She thought it was kinda weird...)
G: hahahaha
Me and Fiona: uh, what's so funny, Grammy?
G: Because tampon doesn't mean what it means in the U.S.

Convo at lunch:
F: I remember when they put selfie in the dictionary. And twerk.
G: (starts gagging)
F: Do you know what twerking is, Grammy?
G: Yes, that's why I'm getting ill.
D: One of these days that's gonna be Old English. Twerkovim: to make a fool of yourself while dancing.
Everybody: (laughing)
Later, G: Orangina almost came out of my nose.

Fiona & I were chatting away about something. 
Dad was reading a book. 
Dad starts laughing. We ask if he's laughing at us or at his book. This has happened before and we've always wondered. This time, it was us :)

Fiona got up from the bed and walked two steps to grab water. I sat down where she had been on the bed, knowing what was coming. She backed up and sat down on me. We bust up laughing. Grammy and Daddy start laughing at us. Just one of many happy moments together.

On the day we were going to venture to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Fiona woke up early (she wasn't sure how early) and got ready because she was so excited. She put on her clothes, shoes, make-up. When she came out of the restroom, no one else was up so she checked the was 11:30pm.

We mastered the metro.
Plus there's always the fool-proof method of just getting on at a stop and if you're going in the opposite direction of your destination, then you get off and over and then get on the next metro train going the right way.

Fiona and I were sitting on a bench, resting, while Grammy and Dad went to figure something out for our car rental. I was keeping a lookout while Fiona scrolled through all my photos. 
Here's the sequence of events:
I saw some missionaries go by. They were such a friendly sight. I told Fiona about them and wondered out loud if I should go talk to them. But the moment passed and they were gone so we just sat. Then we had a very negative experience with a young-ish beggar dude. He was probably in his late 20s. Ugh. I don't want to remember it so I'm not going to write details. After that, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and I was grateful we were in a very public place. I kept feeling queasy, and I wished that we could miraculously see more missionaries. I just wanted to chat with friendly people. So I prayed out loud: "Heavenly Father, please send some missionaries our way," I pleaded. 
Not even two minutes later...I spy the same two missionaries that had walked by earlier, this time with food in their hands. Yay! They must've just stopped to grab a bite to eat. This time I didn't hesitate. I ran to them and we chatted for a little bit. Then they had to go catch their train. And Fiona and I returned to our bench, feeling much much better. I'm so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven. Now I'm praying that Grammy and Daddy return. Pronto. 
Update: They did return. They had to walk halfway across Paris to accomplish their mission, which is why it took them so long. But we were finally reunited and I was so relieved.

"I live for escalators." - Fiona

Fiona really wanted to us to get facials in Paris. So we got facials for the first time. My face was washed, dried, exfoliated, scrubbed, squeezed, electrocuted, massaged, and moisturized. That's what it felt like to me anyway.

"I'll try not to stick my finger up your nose." - Fiona to grandmother

Grandma: "French people don't get ketchup."
Fiona: "Well I don't get snails."
Grammy thought she said Chanel instead of snails...

Daddy, Fiona, and I were waiting outside the hotel room where we thought Grammy was inside. I knocked on the door a few times. Nothin. Fiona and I were both hangry so we got in a couple little arguments...
Still waiting...
Finally I ask: Did she go downstairs??
F: Oh yeah! She said she was gonna go downstairs. 
We all bust out laughing and I give Fiona a hard time. But I love that girl.

F: (sees a pigeon and chases it a few steps) Birdy! Birdy!
M: When I see those, sometimes I get the urge to step on them. 
F: Me too! 
We're horrible.

F: I really wanna talk about makeup.
M: What?
F: I really wanna talk about makeup.
M: Oh. Do any of your friends like makeup? 
F: Not really.
M: Talk to Mom.
F: No! She doesn't like makeup.
M: (jokingly) Then talk to Dad!
F: Actually I do! I talk to him about makeup more than anyone else. Cuz he listens!

French food we ate:
Yummy stuff, lemme tell ya.
Mousse au chocolat
Quiche Lorraine (de jambon)
Pain au chocolat 
Beignets (BEST thing ever)
Macaroons (I was not impressed.)

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  1. OK, this one made me cry, and laugh out loud!!!
    To clarify somewhat, tampon translates as:
    buffer (as in polish), swab, rubber stamp, duster, chiffon, and a metal pot scrubber!!!