Monday, February 8, 2016


Life is so weird sometimes...but SO good too.

When I'm bored, I doodle.
I know how to make a copy of a panoramic x-ray. 
This is especially cool because it must be done in complete darkness.

 Check out those TEETH.
I work with some wonderful people. Seriously, they're so helpful and caring.
I spend the majority of my time with the ladies in the front so they're definitely my faves. Amanda is only about one year older than me, but she has a baby so that makes her seem older to me.
He's such a cutie.
When I go wake him up in the morning to carry him to the car, he'll put his arms around my neck and hug me really tight. I just LOVE it.

Thomas: "Will you marry me?"
He's practicing what he's seen in the movies, I guess. 
It made us all laugh.

Kids and Star Wars, man. 
They love pretending to be Jedis. 
Or Darth Maul. To each his own, I suppose.

 I'm so excited to decorate my house when I grow up and have a home and family of my own. I helped babysit some kids this past weekend and I definitely admired their mom's interior decorating skills. These framed quotes are so cute! 

 This is what it looks like to run on a canal bank as the sun is rising. Stunning.

Thomas and Fiona also came over and hung out with us for awhile. There were new friends and new toys to play with, so Thomas obviously had a blast. 

 Fiona went to a formal birthday party and had a ton of fun there too. She is so beautiful - with or without makeup. She doesn't believe me when I tell her that, but it's so true.

Thomas wanted to earn some extra cash. So he offered his services as a doctor.

I look slightly crazy in this picture but oh well. I am NOT one of those blessed human beings who looks great in every picture ever taken of them. No way, Jose.
But anyway, I was making this face because my little sister is taller than me! She's wearing heels though. I'm still taller, for now. Woot woot!
We keep forgetting to drink this.
My mom was craving it because Thomas and I had the song "Sangria" by Blake Shelton stuck in our heads one day.

"We should remember that saying 'I love you' is only a beginning. We need to say it, we need to mean it, and most importantly we need consistently to show it. We need to both express and demonstrate love." 
- David A. Bednar

I snuck this picture because my Grammy was facetiming and it was a cute, funny event that needed to be recorded.

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