Monday, February 1, 2016

Mom is BAAAACK! Woot woot!

Since Mom was in Mexico for a week, my dad and Fiona and I had to take over as "mother." Yes, it took three of us working together to fill her place. And even though we did the best we could, it was tough. Poor Thomas was really missing his momma by the end of the week. I don't blame him. I made quite a few mistakes. Mostly due to my forgetfulness. (forgetting to put his lunch in his backpack, forgetting to remind him to take a sweater, forgetting to pick him up once...yeah, I failed.) Luckily, he forgave me and we moved on, both looking forward to Mom's home-coming. And now she's back! Hallelujah! I'm glad she was able to go home and visit her family and I am definitely glad that she is back now. We all are.
Mami, we missed you. You are irreplaceable. And we love you.
Stories from the week:

You know you're special to someone when they name their new goat after you. Shout out to the owner of the goat - one of the best math teachers out there!

Girl 1: Hey, what school do you go to?
Me: Me? I'm actually not in school right now. I'm 20.
Girls: Really??
Girl 1: Well, I go to Centennial.
Girl 2: And I go to Crane.
Me: Hey, I went to Crane too!
Girl 2: Woo!
Me: Cool! Well, see ya.
Girls: Bye!

...they were in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

On our trip home from the temple, we stopped at Wendy's and Thomas couldn't unlock the bathroom door. It was a slightly traumatizing experience for him, but we rescued him. Sorry, chicito, it was a little bit funny.

The YSA branch president is a man of God.
Backstory that confirmed this for me: I wasn't going to go to the YSA branch. I had just been attending my family ward because I figured I wasn't going to be here long anyway. But Bishop persisted, and told me he wanted me to be a RS teacher for the YSA, so my records were moved last week and I started attending the YSA ward. Long story short, I made a new friend. And this weekend has been a ton of fun. So thank you, Bishop!
And thank you, Heavenly Father! I am so grateful to Him for putting friends in my life who are encouraging and supportive of my decision to serve a mission. I want to serve. I know it's what I need to do at this time in my life. I don't often receive direct personal revelation from God, but I am sure about this one.

Here are pictures from our week:

We matched. Gray, black, and purple. I love this gorgeous little sister of mine.

Joshy has been making me jealous by sending me snaps like this one. 
I am absolutely loving being home right now. Really. It is the best thing ever for me right now. But I am also excited to go back to Provo and see the snow and the Provo City Center Temple and then report to the MTC. So excited. And nervous. 

See? Gorgeous.

We took turns taking care of Thomas and going through the temple. This was my first time by myself. It was very special. I just love going to the temple.

I dropped Thomas off at school when I didn't have work. And when I did have work, I dropped him off at Melina's house. Thank goodness for Melina. She saved me when I messed up, several times. Family always has your back.

Thomas made the board again! Woot woot!

I miss this girl. But I know I'll see her soon and we will always be good friends, no matter the distance between us.
Plus I know she is extremely happy right now, which makes me very, very happy too.

Thomas sang Pippin a lullaby and Pippin kissed Tommy. Such love.

I love this picture. 
Tommy loves being on my shoulders. Even though he's not super little anymore...I still humor him sometimes. 
Who can resist that dimple-face??

The library is a magical place.

Work attire. 
Scrubs are about the least flattering clothing ever. Those pants could also be put to use as a tent.

Mom sent a couple pictures and I screenshotted a few when we Facetimed each other. Which was not a perfect method of communication because it would often cut out and say "reconnecting," but it was nice to hear her voice and see her face anyway.
The park is another magical place.

Brings back memories of my trip to Mexico with my family, a looong time ago. I don't remember much at all.

He's a little imp. A cute, little imp.

How is it that someone so small can take up so much of the bed?
I ask myself that on a regular basis. But I don't mind cuddling with my little brother. He can be a little punk sometimes, but kids generally look like angels when they're asleep.

Goldfish and braids and drawing helped us get through our Sunday.
His doodles remind me of Joshy's.

Don't mind my hideous face. I actually am happy. I just wasn't feeling the selfies at that moment...

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