Tuesday, February 16, 2016

J'taime, Paris

C'est une bonne idèe = that's a good idea
Bonne chance = good luck
Bonjour = good morning
Bon soir = good evening
Bonne nuit = good night
Bonne journée = have a good day
De rien = you're welcome
Pardon = excuse me
Bon appetite = enjoy your food (literally "good appetite")
S'il vous plaît = please
Merci = thank you
Merci beaucoup = thank you very much
Sortie = exit

These are the phrases I have sort of learned in Paris thus far. French pronunciation is difficult for me. Fiona makes fun of me constantly. Like SHE knows how to speak French... Anywho, when I get back to the states, I will blog about all our adventures and post the gazillions of pictures that have been swamping my phone. Pictures and notes help me remember the stories, soooo yeah. Stay tuned later on this week! I love pretending I have a following on this blog thing.

Just a little preview though...I love Paris. And I love it even more because I get to be here with some of my favorite people (i.e. Fiona, Grammy, & Daddy). If I keep going about Paris and my peeps, I'm not gonna be able to stop. So I'm zipping my lips for now.

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