Friday, February 26, 2016


The other day I went running and I was attacked by bees. I was stung three times before my mom was able to rescue me, but I'm just glad it wasn't more. There were a ton of bees swarming around me. If this situation ever happens to you...My words of advice are: try to make as little noise and motion as possible. When I was able to calm down, they weren't as aggressive. But believe me, it's easier said than done. I started panicking again because it's really hard to remain calm when a swarm of bees are in your hair and buzzing all around you. Gross. It was terrifying. But looking back on it, I can see it was a terrifying AND HILARIOUS experience. And thankfully I'm not allergic to bees!

Here's another adventure from this morning...How do I get myself into these escapades?

Check this out! 2012 and 2016.
My mom made me take the earlier picture with him. I was a little embarrassed. We didn't even know each other. I mean, not REALLY. We had some random, weird connections (like...we went to PRE-SCHOOL together and my family bought his family's house when they moved), but we went to different high schools so our only interactions were few and far between. We'd bump into each other at church dances, youth conferences, and athletic events occasionally. But that's it.
Fast forward to now...we're dating. And it's the best thing ever.
And my mom totally called it.
I think mothers have this special womanly intuition about their children...seriously!

So yeah, I'm definitely feeling very blessed right now.
If my Heavenly Father hadn't guided and directed me to make the decision to serve a mission at this precise time, then our paths probably would not have crossed. He got back from his mission around the same time that I went back home from Provo. Life is crazy and I don't know what the future holds, but I trust my Heavenly Father. I'm giving my farewell talk this Sunday so I've had to start organizing my thoughts for that. So I will post about some of the major epiphanies I've had and lessons I've learned/I'm still learning up to this point in my life. Not right now, but sometime soon.

P.S. I love my family!

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  1. Well, what can I say... Mothers do have a gift and it's so wonderful that when you put your trust in Heavenly Father you KNOW blessings will come and you will not be disappointed. I love your family too and love Tommy's face expressions. He is so cute! Alondra is so pretty and big too! Families are great <3