Friday, January 1, 2016


Right after Joshy and I finished our finals, we drove all night and met up with the fam in Snowflake. Then, we drove through New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma to get to Kansas, where we stayed for our first couple nights. (Well, Mom and Dad drove this long stretch because they rented a van. So Josh and I didn't have to take turns driving because it wasn't allowed.)
A&W root beer in ICE COLD glass mugs is BOMB.

I discovered a love for children's pop-up books.

Hustons always keep their promises.
Elder Huston wrote the Taylors this note and it stayed on their fridge for a year and a half before he got off his mission and was able to fulfill it. And we introduced them to the Tim Tam Slam. Woot woot!

 We joined in on their Christmas tradition of opening a present (a book) and reading it every night leading up to Christmas. Tommy did the honors.

I don't have a picture for this, but I need to mention it. Joe's Kansas City Barbecue (formerly OK Joe's) is AMAZING. Their spicy barbecue sauce is the best sauce I've ever had and I now have a new standard for ribs too.

We visited the mission office and met Josh's mission president, who wanted to take a picture with Josh. I loved hearing people thank my brother for his service and tell my mom and dad they should be so proud of him. We are ALL so happy and so proud of him. 


 Fiona was amazed by this toy. Have you ever seen one before? They are pretty cool.

We look the same.

 The Visitor's Center

Right across from the LDS Temple Site is this spiral building. I actually don't know if it's a temple or a church, but it's owned by the Community of Christ. Interesting architecture huh.

We had Thai food courtesy of one of Joshy's investigators. He was very kind and fed us a ton of food and he told us a bit of his story. He and his family had to leave Burma and live in a Thailand refugee camp for years before he was able to come to the United States and help members of his family gain their own freedom too.

This is another member family that we met. They fed us spaghetti and bolillos and gelatina.
By the end of that day, I was STUFFED.

Having all boys is Josh's dream.

We also visited Liberty Jail and talked with the sister missionaries that were there. It was really cool to feel the Spirit present there.

 I love Nativity scenes.

Next stop:



I could tell the families and the people we visited genuinely loved Josh and he loved them. And I know that love brought them all closer to Christ. I look forward to experiencing that on my mission.


We stopped to play at this park once or twice.
Isn't it beautiful??

Our last stop was the Callahans. They sing like angels.
Check it out:
It was so fun to sing with them. I think we ended up singing every Christmas hymn in the hymn book. Apparently whenever Elder Huston would eat dinner with them on his mission, they would sing too. It was wonderful.
We were very blessed this trip. The weather was perfect traveling weather the entire time. (And the very next week there were tornados and snow storms and floods in the states that we had just been in.) We did get a flat tire once, but my dad and Josh fixed it in a jiffy. We were very grateful to Heavenly Father for our safe travels.  

So. Much. Time. In a car.

Then Christmas at Grammy's. Tommy is the only one who got presents from Santa. The rest of us got one thing from Grammy and we got to travel. It was a little different than previous Christmases, but it was stellar. We got to experience all the highs of a mission because we got to eat good food, and feel the Spirit, and we had a very high success rate with the people we visited. It was wonderful.

When we visited more relatives, Mom was a big hit with the baby. She always is. #bestmomaward

 Isn't Easton such a cutie??

Then we drove HOME home.
That was a great roadtrip. So many good memories.

P.S. Fun fact: Joshy and his comp broke the all-time record for number of proselyting materials handed out in one month in the Missouri Independence Mission. 
Previous record: 329 
New Record: 401 

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