Sunday, January 17, 2016


I love laughing. It's one of my favorite things. The other day I went on a date with someone who is easy to talk to and is really funny. I was smiling and laughing so much that when I got home, my cheeks hurt. It was a good time.
Also, right before my date, I went out with the Spanish sister missionaries to do some visits. On our way to the Foothills, Sister G went a liiittle too fast and the thing (that talks and keeps all the missionaries in check while they're driving) kept saying, "please check your speed."
Sister L told Sister G not to get mad at it because she heard that one of the elders started yelling at it one time and it reported him for "aggressive driving."
Remember: Don't drive angry. DON'T DRIVE ANGRY. Please tell me you can name that movie. 
P.S. I'm so excited to be a missionary. Living in Provo for two years and being surrounded by RMs (including both my parents and my older brother), I've been exposed to TONS of missionary stories and missionary advice and mission prep classes, etc.
So I'm really excited to finally serve my own mission. I can hardly wait. I am so happy that I'll be able to converse fluently in Spanish and grow (so much and in so short a time) in the gospel and learn to love the people of Argentina. I know that I will need to rely on God constantly. I look forward to all of it. The ups and downs and funny stories and challenges and spiritual growth and wearing Christ's name on my chest. Just - all of it.

tangent: I don't use "lol" when texting. I just don't like it. Hmm maybe when I return home from my mission I'll use "jaja"...WEIRD. 

SO...for my future entertainment and yours now: here's a collection of funny stuff that's happened this past week.

~ Background - Thomas went to a friend's birthday party yesterday at Wild River. This was our exchange with him when he got home.
Tommy: I went bowling! It was so fun! And I was a winner!
Us: Why were you a winner?
Tommy: I ate 4 pieces of pizza! Nobody else did that!
Us: "Ayayayay" (Mami); "Oh, Thomas!" (Fiona); "That's right, he did!" (Daddy); "Woot woot, good work!" (that was me)
I, for one, am very proud that he has a future in food-eating contests over bowling.

~ Background - I had just swiped another piece of rosca from the bread table and proceeded to eat it with a glass of milk at the dinner table. My dad calls out to me from the kitchen.
Daddy: Monica, it's really nice having you home again...I didn't want to eat all the rosca by myself.
I was on like - my fifth piece...maybe...glad I can be of service hehe

~ Background - We've been on a parks and rec kick lately. It's not a kids show at all, but Tommy pretends that he likes it. And he has also been coming up with his own jokes and puns lately. It's super fun watching as he develops his own sense of humor.
Tommy: What happens when a slide is removed from a park?
Us: What happens?
Tommy: Parks and WRECK.
hahahaha that kid is GOOD.

~ Background - Mom and I went to the grocery store and dropped by the gas station. First, she forgot that our new car has the gas tank on the right side. Normal. Because it's weird that it's different. So we laughed about it. THEN she also forgot to turn off the car.
So I laugh, turn off the car, and tease her nicely, of course. about her forgetfulness and age (her birthday was recent so she's a year older and wiser now...)
Her response: Es porque tu estas conmigo. ¡Me vuelvas loca!
She loves me so much I make her crazy.

~ I was texting my older brother...
See? He admits it. He does need me.

~ Try making videos and playing with snapchat with a little kid by your side. It's very entertaining. Tommy's favorite is the fast-forward filter. Hilarious stuff. 
No videos, but here are some pictures of this goofball. 

I love my family.

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