Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy birthday, Daddy-o!

Mami makes the BEST birthday cakes ever. Thanks, Madre!
And Fiona provided the vocals for Happy Birthday. Well, we didn't make her do a solo, but she does have the best voice.

Dear Daddy,

First off, I love you. TONS.
Second, Grammy told/emailed me some CUTE stories about you as a young-un. Let's were climbing waaay before you could walk. You loved to tease and play games. You were an excellent reader. of course And one time you dragged Grammy out of the kitchen to show her the sunset, saying it was BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL! Awwww I hope that my kids are just like you. And since Josh, Diego, me, Fiona, and Thomas are just like you and Mom...the odds (genes) are definitely in my favor so there's hope for the future. yay! 
I'm so lucky you are my dad. Thanks for being the best dad ever for me and my siblings. Thanks for being my go-to guy for answers to just about every topic under the sun including the sun. You are so knowledgeable and wise and frugal and I want you to know that your family greatly appreciates you.

Con mucho amor,
(your daughter who also loves sunsets)
P.S. Props to Diego for remembering both Mom's and Dad's birthday! I was very impressed when he called. 
I mean, I remembered to call too when I was in Provo. but that may have just been because I called Mom like every other day regardless of special occasions...

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