Saturday, December 26, 2015

Today was a very special day

I received my endowments in the Snowflake temple. 
It was the best Christmas present.
Oh, and funny story.
Since we got there pretty early, my mom and I were just chatting with one of the temple workers and she asked us where we were from. I said, "Arizona."
Like I'm still at BYU where people are from all over and no one knows where Yuma is.
Oh, wait.
I'm in Snowflake...ARIZONA. 
Hahahaha whoops.
So my mom clarified that we're from Yuma, AZ.
I crack myself up. Hehe
Have I mentioned that I'm excited to serve a mission?
Because I am.
I am SO excited to go to Argentina and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I feel more prepared to be a missionary now and I am so so happy.

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