Sunday, December 27, 2015

Temple Lights

Before I left Provo with Joshy, I got to go see the temple lights in Salt Lake. It was my FIRST time. Tate and I took the Frontrunner and it was great! We got hot chocolate and took lots of pictures. Well, I took lots of pictures. I love the Christmas season. Because of the pretty lights and the hot chocolate and the fun decor, yes. But mainly because it helps us to remember and celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ (even though his birthday is actually April 6th.).
I believe in Christ. He makes it possible for us to repent and for families to be together forever. I am eternally grateful for my Savior and the Christmas season that allows us to feel the Spirit of Christ more abundantly if we choose to believe. I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE Christ.

TANGENT: My sister Fiona had the awesome opportunity to listen to Al Carraway give a talk, in person. She came to Yuma! Of all places...Pretty cool huh. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I read a bit of her blog today and came across something I really liked and (well, there were a lot of things I really liked, but...) I really wanted to share. 
"I don't blog so people will know me. I blog so people will want to know God and know with confidence that God knows them."     -Al Carraway
Exactly! Yes. This isn't the only reason that I blog personally, but it is ONE of the reasons. And it is definitely one of the main reasons that I keep my blog public, rather than just sharing all my insights and pictures and WEIRDNESS with a private audience.

Also, before we left Provo, I of course had to go running with Eliza (I'm REALLY gonna miss her) and then go get food with her and Joshy. I love these two so SO much. They are such wonderful examples to me and I hope to be as good a missionary as they both were.

Did you know the HBLL doesn't open until 7 am? I was not aware of that fact until the second-to-last day of finals of my junior year. I left work early so I could go study for an hour before taking a final that cold winter morning. Luckily the gate opened up only a couple minutes after I took this picture. Also, I really like it when the tips of my shoes are frosted with snow.

P.S. I will document my family's adventures visiting Joshy's (Elder Huston's) mission here on my blog, but since my phone is currently out of commission, it is proving to be a bit more difficult to share photos and create posts. But eventually, I WILL put zillions of pictures up from this last week, I promise. We were in a vehicle WAAAY too long for me not to blog all about it. 

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