Monday, December 14, 2015

P-Town Date

My date with Clayton this last Saturday turned into a group date and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Meg and I were the masterminds behind it. Here's how it all happened. We were discussing roomie plans that morning. Meg and Janae were hanging out with their boys, but didn't have any concrete plans, and Josh and Diego had work (but at different times). Josh and Diego and Mitchell are honorary roommates of ours. Meg wanted everyone to join up. What could we all do and have fun? I had an idea. We came up with a list. We found Josh a date since he was at work. Unfortunately Diego couldn't come cuz he was at work until late that night.
And then Meg and I got really excited. So we deep-cleaned the whole apartment. (It was looking pretty bad...) And then the fun began. After Clayton and I got gyros at the Greek food truck and I bought Tim Tams at the Asian market, we met up with everyone back at my place. We split into teams, texted everyone the list of things to take pictures of and the hunt began! After we all arrived back with pictures, Josh made hot chocolate and we had Tim Tams. It was a slamming success. Then Kristi and Mitch judged our photos and my team narrowly won. Woot woot! Clayton and I ended the night with Christmas in Connecticut. It's a cute and funny movie, just the thing to get us in the spirit of Christmas. 
I am going to miss this place. I am going to miss the good friends and familiar sights and BYU's campus. Provo means so much to me. But I'm not going to dwell on the fact that I am leaving all of these good things. There are also good things to come. In the meantime, here are most of the photos from our photo scavenger hunt. 
P.S. One of the things that Meg and I came up with was a fake proposal item on the list. If you snapped a picture of it, then it was worth 5 points and if you made a video, then it was worth 10 points. Each team made videos. Ours won that category. 
Now I can cross that off my bucket list...
Propose to someone. Check.
It was even in front of the new Provo temple and I borrowed a ring box from Kristi. It was a heart-shaped Christmas present ring box. Let's just say, our video was MONEY. Too bad Clayton rejected me...

Good times.


Strangers hugging.
(Strangers to us - not strangers to each other...)

Strangers kissing.
Funny story: My team's couple (the one on the left) was really excited to kiss. After we asked them to hug so we could take a picture for our scavenger hunt, Josh asked if they would kiss for us too. The girl was very enthusiastic. It was pretty great. 
Meg confessed later that their couple didn't even kiss...LAME.

Most random photo

Where's Waldo (team member hiding) 
Can you see me?

Beatles photo

Pose like a statue, by a statue

Coolest shoe pic

In a tree
(We climbed my favorite tree!)


At a playground

Cramped space
We're in a tunnel slide and they're in a photo booth.

(Don't worry, Meg's team also had a video for this one...)

Asian restaurant


Cool wall

Santa Claus


Pretending to be mannequins

And then there are the deleted scenes photos: 

Failed Beatles photo...

Random (trying to get extra points) photos...


Getting into position...



This weekend was just so good. I went to the temple. We cleaned our apartment. We had a stellar group date. We sang for people who needed a bit of Christmas cheer in their lives. It was marvelous.

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