Monday, November 30, 2015


Here are a million pictures taking you through my Thanksgiving break. Seriously, if you make it through this entire post, kudos to you. 
Conveniently, all of the things I captured on camera, I am thankful for.

Before I went home, I got to catch up with a friend. He has a motorcycle so we took a ride up the canyon. As we walked and talked, we stumbled upon this trail of rose petals. Luckily, they were fake and we didn't crash a romantic proposal. It was a good time because I always enjoy our conversations. I really look up to him. (and not just because he has an awesome motorcycle ;)

When I went home for Thanksgiving, my throat hurt within the first day.
"Because you've been yelling since the minute you showed up." - Fiona
Well, maybe talking excitedly and squealing with delight...okay, yeah, it makes sense now.
This happens every time I get to be with my family. I just love them so much.

Thanksgiving is fantastic because of two things. Family and food. 
And other things too...


Left: Josh made his scrumptious Thai dish. Seriously, he makes such good food.
Right: Apparently star soup is a Mexican thing. I had no idea. 
I grew up eating it, and I just found out that my Abuelita Elvira would often make it for her children as well. 
If you've never had it, you're missing out. It's delicious.

My mom makes THE BEST ROLLS, hands down. With butter and honey...mmmm it is heaven in bread form. 
My dad and I each made a pecan pie (in addition to cheesecake) because you can never have too much pie.

Tommy turned 7 on Thursday, but we celebrated his birthday and Fiona glammed me up on Wednesday.

His cake was pretty legit.

I don't know if you know this, but in AZ we call shade structures at a park - ramadas.
Also, I'm engaged.
Jk jk I'm not.
Look at me. I'm just a baby.

Then Tommy got to enjoy playing with all his presents.

Heck, we ALL enjoyed playing with Tommy's presents...



The story behind the photo on the left is this: Tommy wouldn't let go of my leg. So I dragged him down the hallway. Which made him even more determined to hang on, because he thought it was funny. He is hilarious and I love him.

I love being home with these hooligans. They're my absolute favorite. We were missing one though, and that was a huge bummer. We needed you for all the games, Diegito!

 Tommy's family portrait and other masterpieces.
 We played dodgeball, four-square, Life, Mustache Smash, and tickle monster. (Oh and later, shotgun knockout.)
We watched Groundhog Day (HILARIOUS movie, go watch it.) and Jurassic World which was pretty good.

And then on Black Friday we went shooting, which is always a blast.

 I got to read a Berenstein Bears book and the scriptures (with pictures) to Tommy before bedtime one night :)

 I realized I take a lot of selfies with people I love. Especially little people.

 Tommy is also a fan of snapchat.

Sometimes I'm a little hyper when it's supposed to be time for bed.

I'm so proud of my family members. They are seriously the best.
Ms. Leggett wrote this note about Fiona and, believe me, Leggett doesn't give praise lightly.

Then we journeyed back to Provo. I almost typed "home" instead of Provo...
I guess I have two homes now.
Since we drove all Tuesday night to get to Yuma, that drive was actually a lot smoother. Josh and I took turns driving and sleeping and there was no one on the roads. But coming back yesterday, we ran into some reeeally bad traffic. But we made it safe and sound.
Now for my last round of finals for two years...

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