Thursday, November 19, 2015

Short & adorable

Recently (like yesterday and today), different people have assumed that I'm younger than I am. I think that's really funny because I think I look my age.
But do I look young? Maybe I ACT like a little kid? Okay,the answer to the second question is yes, sometimes. But generally, I'm a very mature person.
So when one of my co-workers thought I was a freshman, I wondered out lout why this keeps happening. Another of my co-workers responded that it's because I'm "short and adorable." 
Well, alright then. I'll take it. 
The purpose of this photo was to showcase this mug, my nails, and my ring, but Josh took a picture of me too. I guess I didn't explain that I wanted a picture of ONLY my hands and the mug. That's ok, though, because I am also a huge fan of this outfit (thanks, Kristi!).
I love this Christmas-y mug. Isn't it just so happy? 
This is the first time I've ever painted my nails white and I reeeally like it. White matches everything, and I like how it pops against my tan skin. 
This ring was my great-grandmother's and it's my favorite color. Turquoise. 
Also, I just love sweaters and scarfs.

Apparently these are the words I've used the most on Facebook this year.
I feel pretty good about it.

And finally, check out this transformation of the sky.

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