Friday, November 6, 2015


My dream job is to be a mother. Probably because my mom is the best mom ever.
I love my mom and I know I want to be a lot like her. My patriarchal blessing even says to look to my parents' example and follow the precedent they have set for my own future home. I made this list awhile ago and I want to share it now.

My future home will have a lot of this: 
- pictures of Christ
- dancing 
- reading 
- hide-and-go-seek
- tag
- baking 
- listening to general conference talks
- washing dishes
- laundry 
- biking 
- learning 
- praying 
- studying the scriptures
- singing 
- playing music
- hugs and kisses
- rough-housing
- playing games
- climbing trees
- swinging in a hammock
- gymnastics
- tickling
- drawing/coloring
- exploring 
- gardening 
- twirling

And more.
I really look forward to being a mom. I know it will bring many challenges and heartaches and trials, but so it is with every stage of life. And I know it will also bring a lot of fun times and happiness and blessings. 

I love my family. I love the memories we have created, the bond we nurture, and the times we get to be together. 
I love feeling breathless with laughter and love.

The funny thing is...wanna know what inspired this post? Well, I'll tell you. 
Confession time: I follow some Instagram accounts solely because I love to see pictures of cute, happy children. One such account is thepursuitofjoyproject. I love it! 
Another account I follow is a member of a band that I really like (the National Parks) and this morning she posted a video of her baby boy giggling and hiccuping at the same time and it was just THE MOST ADORABLE THING. So yeah...that's my story. I hope I'm not the only one who follows random people because they think their kids are totally darling.

Now, here are some pictures of adorable children.
(Of course Tommy is the star of the show on this one.)

  (Tommy on the left and Josh on the right.)
And then there's the rest of the stairstep kids...

And there's Fionita! Check out that hair.

And then one of Kristi's nieces. Because this picture makes me so happy! :)


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