Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween! (on Oct. 31st)

...and also happy anniversary to me!
Halloween is the anniversary of my break-through with dancing. 
Thank goodness for kindred spirits. 
My friend Maria was the main reason I was able to break out of my shell that fateful night. Didn't I tell you she's amazing?
Here's just one instance that proves it: I actually LIKE going to dance parties now. Whaaaaaat??? I know.

Also, I was really proud of my costume.
My goal was not to spend any money. I succeeded.
Thank you Kristi for letting me borrow some eye-shadow!
I did my makeup myself. Woot woot!

I was a jaguar and my brothers were G-men. That's me getting my feline femme fatale on...

THE COLORS! I love vibrant reds and pinks.

I made it to the temple this week. I'm so grateful for this holy place.

I love being able to see my breath!
I don't know if you can tell...
But I was lying down outside my apartment after a run because I was too hot to go inside so I watched my breath rising and the steam emanating from my body. It was so cool.

I love getting to see the sunrise. It is definitely a great perk of waking up early. Another plus is I get to tramp through these leaves on my way to work.

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