Sunday, November 22, 2015


How do I want to start this...?

With the truth. I'm not perfect. That's how I'm gonna start. And I know imperfection is okay. I acknowledge my weaknesses and failures so that I can learn from them and become better through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

The portrayal of perfection and imperfection on social media is often confusing and annoying. I feel like there are a lot of examples where people lean toward one of two extremes - everything in life is happy and picture-perfect and everyone should be jealous of me OR everything in life is going wrong and just horrible and everyone should feel sorry for me.
Okay, it's usually not THAT bad. But I tend to exaggerate. 

On my blog I try to show a pretty good balance of the good times and the bad times. Obviously, I don't want to share super personal mistakes and failures with everyone on the Internet. Plus I'm usually a cheerful person, but today I wanted to jot down a couple things that went wrong this week.
First off, I signed up to make a dessert for the ward talent show on Thursday (which was hilarious and fun. I LOVE talent shows.), so the activities committee brought the ingredients and the recipe by for me. All I had to do was make it. 
The dessert is called a Jello salad and I had never heard of it or seen it, much less eaten it or made it before. Despite my unfamiliarity with the dessert...did I follow the recipe exactly? 
No. I was dumb and in a hurry so I skimmed the recipe and started throwing things together. While I was mixing, I read the recipe more closely and discovered - to my horror - that I had put in an exorbitant amount of sugar in the crust. Like 2 CUPS instead of 2 tablespoons...
To make matters worse, apparently this Jello salad thing is a super common dessert here in Utah. And I had just butchered it. The Jello was supposed to go between the crust and the cream cheese layers, not on top. (This, however, was the recipe's fault. It actually did say to do it wrong.) But I definitely screwed up on the sugar level of the whole thing.
I messed up. And I was embarrassed. But it was pretty funny, especially in retrospect.
The next epic fail was not really my fault, but it just goes to show how life doesn't go your way sometimes. 
Thursday night after I had brushed my teeth, I set my alarm, plugged in my phone, and went to sleep. Unfortunately for some unknown reason, my phone wouldn't hold a charge so it died. I wasn't aware of this until I woke up at 2:37 (random) because my sheets and blanket had fallen off my bed. 
I checked my phone and realized it was dead so I went into the kitchen, saw the time, and went back to my room to set an alarm for 4:15 on my GPS watch. That was the only solution I could think of and sadly it didn't work. The beeping from my watch was apparently so quiet that I reached over, turned it off, and continued sleeping. 
(I usually set three alarms to avoid this predicament, but my phone alarm is set to play "As We Ran" by The National Parks so I usually don't have trouble waking up to the first alarm anyway.)  
Next thing you know I wake up at SIX o'clock which means I am late to work by an hour! 
I give up on the morning and go back to sleep, this time setting my watch for 7:10. 
Finally, I wake up and start my day. I run, do homework, and rinse off. And I realize there is no way for me to contact my supervisor until I get my phone working and charged. Great.
Thankfully, on Saturday morning, my phone miraculously started working again. Hallelujah because I'd rather not be phone-less again.
So I called work and explained what happened. Luckily it all worked out because we're each allowed one no-show for just such occasions as this.

So, I learned that I need to read recipes more closely, that I need to not rely on my phone so much, and that Heavenly Father is always looking out for us. 

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