Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comfort Zone

Isn't it funny that when we were younger we hated assigned seating. And now in college when we get to pick where we want to sit each class period...we assign ourselves seats?
That's how it is in my small classes. The first few times we meet, everyone switches around, figuring out where they want to sit, and then it's set in stone for the rest of the semester.

Well, I'm all for being comfortable. But sometimes I go outside my comfort zone and I have a ton of fun. There's a balance to life. I'm working hard on finding that balance. I have pretty terrible balance in a literal sense though.
But yeah, Monday was a breaking-out-of-my-zone kind of a day.
I donated blood for the second time in my life. Now that I can donate blood (I'm not under the weight requirement anymore and I'm no longer on a team), I'm going to do it as much as I can.
About two hours after I donated blood, I went to my dance class. I felt really light-headed after doing any move that required a lot of up-and-down movement. I HAD just lost a pint of blood... But I made it through without fainting. And then we went ice-skating for FHE! Plenty of people showed up for the spiritual thought, but when we broke off to get into cars and go to Seven Peaks, apparently most people had other things to do. So it ended up being like a double date. Only 2 guys 2 girls. But it was fun!
ICE-SKATING: In the beginning, I feel like I'm gonna fall and die. By the end, I'm a pro. Or at least, I like to pretend that I am.

Joshy made a FRENCH SILK pie on Sunday! Doesn't that just SOUND delicious?? Well, it tasted amazing too. Also, take a minute to appreciate Megan's maniacal face...

FALL...I walk 2 steps...WINTER.
I love seasons. I love Provo. I love these shoes.

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