Sunday, November 15, 2015


I'm fed up with romantic relationships right now. Warning: I will probably exaggerate. (A LOT in this post.) 
Recently, many of the relationships I see (of people near my age) fit one or more of the following descriptions: DETERIORATING, s t a g n a n t, CoNfuSiNg, nonexistent, insipid, or ANNOYING.
And I don't like it. One bit.
I like HAPPY things.
(Like singing in ward choir. We've started on Christmas music and I'm starting to be more confident in my voice so I BELT IT. It's so fun.)

Phew. Okay, rant over.
And I feel like I held myself in check pretty well.
I'm sure I will say my prayers, go to sleep, and wake up feeling a lot better about life and love than I do right that's comforting.
In the meantime, here are pics of the military ball and the view from Eliza's backyard. Because pretty dresses and men in uniform and Christmas decor and gazebos and sunsets make me happy.

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