Friday, October 16, 2015

This one's for you, Tommy!

He really wanted me to put these pictures up on my blog. He made me pinky promise. So here they are:
 I can't say this enough. I LOVE MY FAMILY.
This is how we feel when we have to say good-bye.

 But we're happy together :)

This is post-fake-kicking Diego for not helping me swing Tommy.
He wouldn't be smiling like that if I had actually kicked him.

 Tommy caught us unaware. I think Fiona's face makes that pretty clear...

He made a person, a smiley-face, and a giraffe out of leaves and twigs. He's such a cutie.

 And he got to meet Cosmo.

 I was fascinated by our fire. It was like a fireworks show.

 Do you know what happens when you pour salt (or in this case, garlic salt) on snails?
Go try it out. Unless you're a fan of snails or a member of PEETA.

Try saying this ten times fast.

P.S. School REALLY stinks when you're trying to hang out with your family. It stinks more than usual. I had to balance spending time with my fam and writing essays and reading poetry. Which meant I missed out on going to the Nike outlet store and Cabela's! BOOOOOO. I've never been to Cabela's :( Darn midterms.
But they went to the Creamery twice for me because I didn't get to go the first time. And we got to watch the women's volleyball team win! 
All in all, I'm really grateful they used their fall break to come see us.

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