Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This is life

...and I love it.
Silly putty is one of my favorite things.

We're the same person. The same SEXY person...
Meg texted me this picture and it made my day. I love her.

Flowers make me happy.

Diego and I made pizza for dinner tonight. He just loves hanging out with me. There is a bit of sarcasm there, in case you didn't catch it...
Earlier today we went grocery shopping and we happened to be near the produce when the "thunder" cracked and "rain" cascaded down onto the veggies...
So I took a quick video of it. What? I didn't know that happened until college and I think it's cool!
Well, I thought he was going to dive under the shopping cart so as not to be seen with me. Love you too, Diego. Hehe

I caught this deer chasing ducks on the pretty path. It was adorable.

I love this little boy. And his dimple.

Farmer's Market flowers. Gorgeous.

Josh didn't have a brown he borrowed one from my roommate. Do you see the cut-out flowers? Hahaha

Sandal season is coming to an end. 
At work, I have to wear pants and shoes, but sometimes I can't bear it all day so I run home and change.

I think I took this picture to showcase my great hair. 
Oh, and my new National Parks shirt. 

Work at 5. Dark and early. 

I did see the blood moon awhile ago, but I didn't stay up for the eclipse. It still looked pretty cool.

Instead of listening to music at work and while I walk around campus, I've been listening to the audio book of Jane Eyre. Free! Thank you Project Gutenburg.
I've read it before, but I have to again for my British lit class. 
I'm glad cuz I like it.

I tried sushi at Kyoto for the first time on a date. It was scary (EEL SAUCE??? Whaaaaa?), but actually ended up being pretty tasty stuff. 

Meg plays viola! 

Funny story with this...
I made quesadillas for everyone who happened to be in the living room (i.e. Josh, Megan, and me) and then I sat next to Josh to enjoy my quesadilla. Since it had just been removed from the pan, the cheese was still melty and it spilled onto my hand and dripped onto my shirt. "AH! I'm burning myself with CHEESE!," I cried out. 
Did anyone come to my aid or sympathize with me? No. 
Josh starts laughing his head off and later tells me that he, "quickly assessed the situation and determined that [I] was in no immediate danger." kinda had to be there. It was hilarious...once the pain subsided and I joined Joshy in laughter, that is.

One time when Josh went to do flag detail, I went with him and I got to press the button that started the Star-Spangled Banner on campus. I felt preeetty cool.

I can't remember if I showed this already, but isn't it awesome?!

P.S. I want it to be FRIDAY already!!!

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  1. This one made me cry . . . just about everything, from the deer to the dimple, but the flag ceremony did me in. I miss you so much.