Saturday, October 17, 2015


First off, my outfit:
You know, because every blogger blogs about what they wear and this is #highfashion.

This pant/sock duo is the epitome of comfort. 
These pants are probably the best Nike purchase I've ever made. 
Maybe because the vast majority of Nike stuff I own I got for free. #formercollegeathleteperks

My family stopped in Vegas on their way home. 
Other than seeing the "Eiffel Tower," Fiona was not a fan of this city.

I took so many pictures of the fire the other night with my fam that my Google Photos app animated them into a video for me. How sweet. But yeah, I like it.

We are definitely kindred spirits.
P.S. Have I mentioned I love Anne of Green Gables? Because I do.

Now, in honor of our kinship...
and because I know Maria actually checks my blog and will appreciate this:


I'm pretty sure she doesn't know about these ones...hehe
Luv u, Ria!

Left: she drew this at church.
Right: she dyed her hair purple on a track trip. 
I helped a little and I dyed a strand of mine purple, but you couldn't really tell :(

Her snapchats are the best. Obviously.

Cuz hanging out with Maria is ALWAYS a good time.

Nutshell: Maria is a ton of fun. 
And if you don't have a friend like her in your life, then you're missing out.

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