Sunday, October 4, 2015

General Conference Weekend

Joshy is the greatest cook ever. 
(Other than our mom.)

Sometimes I help out. Here I am even washing a dish or two.

Shrimp starts off gray, and then it turns pinkish-orange when you cook it! I thought it was cool.

We went bowling last night. It was a ton of fun.

I love singing when I'm in the truck. 
We all sit up front because it would be lame to have only one of us in the front or the back.

He's just so happy to be in Provo...with me!

I would definitely recommend Charlie Chows. It's good stuff.

I was born in 1995.

The paintings in the Visitor's center are beautiful.

The Salt Lake Temple was built in 40 years. Crazy.

This chandelier is stunning. I can't get over it.

I love my brothers. And the temple.

And friends.

And flowers.

Joshy was filmed answering a question.

We made him do it because he's an RM and should be good at talking to random strangers.

I do miss being home for General Conference. It's kind of hard to pay attention when there are a ton of people over, eating and talking...
Good thing I can catch all the talks I missed by listening to them at work. And I love reading them in the Ensign.
Also, I love you, President Thomas S. Monson. We are so blessed to have a true prophet on the earth today and I am amazed at your strength. 

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