Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fun stuff

On Thursday Joshy dropped me off at the temple. I did baptisms for the dead and then walked around the temple and took pictures as I waited for him to come get me.

Temples are so peaceful and beautiful.

Someone heart-attacked our apartment. How cute!

Tate brought me flowers!!!
When Kristi saw these pictures, she said they're typical Monica photos. The flowers, the smiles, the joy, that's me alright. This is also me...

Snapchat has introduced some WEIRD updates.

They're kinda fun though.

Painting my nails is also fun.

And so is getting flowers!!

Look at my dress!!! THANK YOU, ELIZA!!!
It was SO fun to wear that. It swished around my legs wonderfully and I couldn't get enough of walking and dancing and twirling in it. Homecoming was a blast! Bombay House and the dessert at the dance was MONEY.
High heels are KILLER though. Halfway through the night I just went barefoot. 

Also, I did my own make-up. Like...liquid eye-liner and eye-shadow and stuff. It was scary because I had NO CLUE what I was doing. But somehow I managed, and I facetimed my sister for her approval. She is a PRO with make-up. 
It would've been way less stressful if Fiona or Maria had been there to do my make-up for me, but I was pretty proud of myself. Luckily eye-liner is pretty forgiving because I was only successful after the third attempt.

I really like to be carried. In case you haven't figured that out already...

So, it's official. A trail-run is the best way to start your Saturday. I went with Em to the Summit Trailhead up Provo Canyon and it was just wonderful! We got to enjoy a few of our favorite things together - i.e. driving, talking, NATURE, running, scenic pauses, running, etc.

For Em and Monica :)

GORGEOUS. I love mountains!!

I practiced my taking-pictures-while-running skills. And we took a lot of scenic pauses to bask in the serenity and awesomeness of the mountains. Also, we saw quite a few people while we were up there and had to make way for people riding horses, bikes, and motorcycles. Ultimately, I think running is the best way to enjoy trails like the one we did. There's just something about traversing a trail on your own two feet that gives you such a sense of satisfaction. I love the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins and pounding in your chest. It's awesome. I WILL keep in shape so that I continue to go on crazy, fun, physically-demanding adventures.

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