Thursday, September 24, 2015


When Joshy was in 4th grade, he participated in the spelling bee and he was a bit nervous...
During the practice round, when every kid gets a really easy word just for practice, Josh's word was "tree." He says, "tree, t-r-e, tree" and sat down. I bet some people snickered and figured he'd be the first one out.
HE WON. haha
He got first place in the school spelling bee and moved on to the County Spelling Bee where he was eliminated on the word "froufrou." I know, what the heck is that? It's "elaborate decoration, as frills, ribbons, or ruffles, especially on women's clothing." Joshy is one of the manliest guys I know (I mean, he is my dad's son) so yeah, pretty funny.  
It's also funny that I refer to him as Joshy, not very manly, ya know? But he likes it...

This story was brought to my recollection because just now I drove the truck to campus so Josh could take it and I could stay on campus. As I was walking past the Talmage, I noticed this tree and had to go explore:

 Isn't it great??
It's a little, leafy canopy perfect for picnics and relaxation. I'll have to go back someday and enjoy the shade of this mini-oasis. 

Well, I have other stories I want to share, but I should get down to business so I'll save those for later. Don't worry, I made some notes so I won't forget.  

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