Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stream of consciousness

I am currently lying on the floor of my room waiting for it to be 9pm so I can go to dessert night and then go to bed. Here's a synopsis of my day (just the fun deets):
When I woke up and went out into the living room, I noticed the fan was on and decided to turn it off because it was wasting electricity. I hopped on the coffee table and then (since I jumped on the edge) it became unbalanced and I fell on my butt. Hard.
I lay on the floor for awhile, much like I am currently doing. (Except then I was also moaning from the pain in my tailbone.)
After the pain subsided, I kept moving forward, hoping for a better day than that event foreshadowed.
I curled my hair (which is a much faster process now that my hair is short), ate a flat egg on toast, and biked to work.
While at work, I made plans for the weekend (NATIONAL PARKS CONCERT. Woot woot!!!), and broke a dust mop. Don't worry, I reported the accident and found one on first floor to borrow for now.
Then, I bought a bagel and an apple and went to the library and did homework (I saw Tate at the Hub! No, I wasn't hanging out at the Hub - that's for freshmen and freshman mentors. I was working at the computers because I no longer have a laptop since Joshy is home. I've discovered I really like doing my work at the library anyway. Since I'm around people, I have less distractions. That could only be true for an introvert like me.), then class, homework, class, saw Eliza at the library! (I love seeing people I know on campus (especially if I like them!)...although, I did see an ex the other day and that wasn't as fun. My heart started pounding and I know I blushed. I know because I used the restroom right after I passed him and I saw my rosy pink cheeks in the mirror as I was washing my hands. Rosy pink sounds pretty was more...ruddy or flushed. Those have the connotation I'm looking for. Well, here's to future improvement.)
Then I went to the Wilk and had Chik-Fil-A. Two words. Waffle fries. Two more words. Chik-Fil-A sauce. Mm mmm. (Bonus! My meal only cost me $1.83 because I had two $2 coupons from that time I worked at the Cougareat. You know, those two days at Subway during Women's Conference. Man, I had quite a few random jobs this summer. Fun stuff.)
After that short break I went back to the library and did MORE homework. Then two meetings - one for Inscape and one for Leading Edge. I'm excited to be a part of these student organizations and gain valuable editing experience. (After reading this, I'm sure you think that I should definitely NOT be an editor. My response to you is this: This is MY blog. I can do what I want. Also, go look up the word "blog." And also "stream of consciousness.")
Then I ran to the LSB and tried to jump onto the ledge of the parking garage to get to my bike, but I bonked my knee on the edge and it still hurts really bad (hence the second time I'm lying on the floor today). Luckily no one was around to witness that.
I've realized I do lots of embarrassing things.
And now I'm home. Hooray for days when you're on campus from 5am to 8pm!


  1. I'd like to hear about the time your dad's car broke down after coming up Salt River Canyon. We got sketchy details, so sent everything from food to quilts. What's YOUR side of the story? I felt like a rescue effort for the handcarts! You didn't know whether we had gotten the message.

    1. Wow Grammy! That takes me back. It feels like so long ago. But I do remember some fuzzy details (fuzzy because I was so tired at the time and because my memory has faded). I remember the car broke down and we waited there in the car, hoping you or Grandpa would come rescue us. I think someone had to use the restroom (probably me, let's be honest. I have the smallest bladder in the entire world). But it was dark and cold outside so I just held it. I remember a few cars zooming by us, but a couple stopped to see if they could be of assistance. Oh! One very vivid memory I have is of red and blue lights right behind us as a police car stopped to offer his help. I remember that so well because it felt like we had been pulled over. And I took a picture of the lights! Haha
      Also, sorry for taking so long to respond. I just remembered about this comment and had time to write my memory.