Monday, September 7, 2015

My big brudder, Maria, and me

After we went to the temple on Friday, we had some burgers and Cajun-style fries at Five Guys. It was all top notch.

Then I showed him the pipe line run!
At one point I was ahead of him and I heard him shout my name in a terrified tone - "MONICAAA!!!" 
I turn around, my heart full of dread and I don't see Josh anywhere
Then he pops out from his hiding spot behind one of those protrusions on the pipe and starts laughing his head off. 
I was so relieved to see him alive and well that I only gave him a little bit of grief for almost giving me a heart attack. 
He got me good. I guess things haven't changed much in our relationship and I am so glad. I love having brothers who tease me and have fun with me and are even a bit protective of me.

After we went running, we had brekkers at my apartment and then cheered on the girls xc team to victory. We enjoyed being spectators at a cross-country meet, that's for sure.

Then Maria joined us and off we went to Center street for a photo shoot with all the cool walls we could find. (My idea.)

Josh played along quite well.

Maria not so the beginning.

I actually wasn't a big fan of this particular fence anyway.

But then we stumbled across this beauty.
#bookwormsforlife and these are our favorites. Huck Finn is special cuz Maria and Kristi love it and my dad loves P. G. Woodhouse's Wooster and Jeeves collection (actually, he loves ALL the books on this wall) so therefore those books also have special place in my heart.

This wall was another gem.

We had a lot of fun trying out some weird stuff.

I love hanging out with these two. 
Josh said we have a good synergy. 
I agree. We're fun.
This one's my favorite.

Or this one. 
It's a pretty remarkable candid shot that I was able to capture. 

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket...

This is the one decent photo we got at the dolphin wall. Maria and Josh were a bit burnt out and we were all hungry so...

We stopped to get pupusas! (My first time)

They were really yummy.

After our picture adventure we went laser-tagging with a group and had froyo at Spoon it up. So good. How was it my first time there?? 
Also, I LOVE LASER-TAG. I got second place overall at Laser Assault. It's so fun!

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  1. Actually Monica, I'm a big fan of all of those titles!