Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Eternal spirits

I love the apostles and prophets that guide our church today and I am grateful for their examples and testimonies. The ldschurch account shared this excerpt form a talk by M. Russell Ballard and I wanted to share it as well.
"Occasionally I hear people say, “I am living righteously, but things are not working out for me. I am losing patience and I wonder, where are all the blessings?”
To any of you who feel this way, I would encourage you to change your perspective. We are eternal spirits! We must live our lives with the end in mind—not the middle. We must trust in the Lord. We must understand that some will be tested more than others. We should remember that no blessing will be denied if we continue to keep the commandments.
Turn to the plan of salvation—it can answer all of your questions. Take the sacrament each week. It will help you regain spiritual strength. Trust in the Lord and understand that all blessings will come at the right time."
                           - M. Russell Ballard

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