Monday, September 14, 2015

CTF battle wound

This post contains some graphic images so don't look if you have a pansy stomach.
Joshy busted his knee open during a capture-the-flag game at FHE tonight. We're not in the same group so I wasn't at Kiwanis park with him. Of course, he acted like it was nothing cuz "he's a man." (He did take it like a champ, in fact, he took it better than I did. But today, after the numbness and the adrenaline wore off, he's definitely feeling the hurt.)
After the incident, he drove himself home and asked me if I had a first-aid kit. Like that would fix his knee. Well, my roommates and I were locked out of our apartment so we couldn't help much. Luckily, another apartment came to the rescue and played doctor for a bit. They did a great job cleaning him up, but when someone suggested that they try to stitch him up then and there, I drew the line and took him to Urgent Care. Once the doctor was able to see him, it was smooth sailing. He was very nice and helpful and Joshy's knee looked much better with a bunch of stitches in it than it did when the flesh was all torn up and...yeah, ew. Of course, afterwards we were super hungry so we stopped and got Papa John's pizza.
I didn't get any of my reading done for tomorrow's classes, buuut I don't have to go to work tomorrow, so score!

Just to clarify, my first reaction when I saw this was not to take a picture, but he asked me to. 
He's still bummed I didn't get a picture of him on Labor Day. We hiked Battle Creek Falls and as he stood under the waterfall, a rock fell and hit him on the head. He was gushing blood then and did look pretty cool, but no way was taking a picture my first priority.

I hope he has a cool scar to show for this.

Pizza and chocolate milk. Yum! (Nesquik is the BEST.) 
He finished a whole piece before I could snag a pic.

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