Monday, August 10, 2015

THIS is my family

Fiona is getting to be so good at all things make-up and fashion.

So is Tommy.

I guess Pippin can be considered a part of the fam, Fiona.

Transformer Thomas. Hot dang.

He is such a cutie.

My parents are just the best.


Diego was awarded his Eagle. My parents surprised him during the dinner that was supposedly just to welcome Josh home.

Josh is "squeezing Tommy's brains out." He used to do this to Fiona when she was little and she would freak out. But Tommy took it like a man.

Oh Diegito.
I love my siblings.

Tim Tam Slam

Sunday pictures 

I'm so glad Josh is back.

Tommy likes to be carried. I mean, who doesn't??
 Words cannot adequately describe my happiness and contentment when I'm with my family. 

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