Thursday, August 6, 2015

On my way home

It was super windy as we boarded the plane. We experienced a bit of turbulence during the flight, but thankfully nothing bad happened. I was seated in an exit row (window seat) so that would've been...not good.
Tangent: I am so glad Kristi and I have been roommates since freshman year. I will miss her A TON on my mission. 
We are kindred spirits. Yeah, there are times when it's hard to be her roommate because she has a boyfriend. (Okay, so it's not her fault it's sometimes hard to be her roommate. It's my fault for not having a better attitude and for being jealous sometimes.)
Anyway, it happens. 
But then there are days like yesterday, when we talk a lot. About anything and everything. We understand each other. And we have fun together. I mean, I laughed so hard my abdominal muscles ached. Not many people can do that to me.

Back to the flight home.
I do love having a window seat.

Since Daddy worked today, I was let loose in downtown Phoenix. You see some WEIRD things as you meander about the downtown of a big city and use public transportation (even more so when it's free.) I definitely did not feel jovial and talkative on the DASH (a free government shuttle). 
That got me thinking about being a missionary. When I'm a missionary I'm going to have to talk to random strangers and bear testimony to everyone I meet. Ah!
That is definitely out of my comfort zone. 
But imagine how much joy I could help bring into people's lives. 
So, despite my fears and shortcomings, I will be a missionary. I will serve the Lord by serving others. I will be an instrument in His hands as I preach the gospel wherever He sends me.

Free hot chocolate in the breakfast room of our hotel. Any time of day. 
Don't mind if I do.
Last night Dad and I had hot chocolate together and today he met me for lunch at Crazy Jim's. I love my dad. He is a hard worker, a smart man, and a devoted father. I'm so grateful I was blessed with such goodly parents.

Now I should get back to preparing my talk on "staying on the straight and narrow path." As you can see from the picture, I found a great talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin as a reference.
If you think about it, the title of this blog post coincides pretty well with that topic.
We are all on earth, hopefully living our mortal lives in such a way that we can be well ON OUR WAY HOME. Our eternal home. Home to our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. 
And hopefully we will be surrounded by the people we love here on earth too.

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