Friday, August 21, 2015

My fave things about being a camp counselor

  • DANCES.        - Getting TATE to dance! Whaaaat? (Okay, actually I unintentionally got him to dance. I was moping over by him because my dancing buddy was flirting with a boy. So he got me on the dance floor to cure my bad attitude. Still I'm proud of myself. And him.)
  •                          - Eliza was asked to dance by a camper. Tate pushed her out on the dance floor with him when she hesitated. It was great. Also, that same boy later asked her to marry him, but she put her foot down on that one.
  • Beating Tate and winning the picture scavenger hunt two out of the three times. #thaswassup (I'm a little competitive...)
  • Rooming with Eliza.
  • Getting to know my girlies.
  • Driving my kids in the big vans.
  • Playing around-the-world and sting-pong with Caleb and Jordan. They were my ping-pong buddies on the last day of the last camp. Too bad we didn't figure that out sooner.
  • Taking my kids to Swig and Hokulia.
  • Eating at the Canon. #desserteverydaytwiceaday
  • Awards. I got batteries and the "Energizer Bunny Award" because Will said I run everywhere and I always have so much energy.
And now for some pictures :)

Good times. I learned a lot and had a ton of fun during each of those three weeks.

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