Friday, August 21, 2015

I learned lots during Education Week...

1. I like driving big vans and talking to Education Week attendees as I shuttle them around BYU campus.
2. I never want to live somewhere with really bad traffic.
3. I'm like my mom; I'm good at making friends with little old ladies.
4. Take care of your body!! Listening to complaints about bad knees and ulcers and arthritis made me really grateful for my strong and healthy body. Yes, someday I will be old and I will have to deal with the trials that accompany that stage of life, but not yet.

Here are some things I heard throughout my experience as a van driver this week:
  • "You are my most favorite person at BYU."

  • Me: "Where are you headed?" 
         (Man, we'll call him Bob): "The Celestial Kingdom"
          Me: Perfect!

He was my co-pilot, so yeah...we're set.

  • "Can I adopt you?"
  • "You should have twenty kids."
  • "The Lord will bless you with the best after you serve Him on a mission."
(Those three were all from Cherryl. I helped her in her endeavor to appeal a $150 parking ticket. She was the sweetest old lady and accidentally parked in a buffer zone. I don't think she should have to pay a cent. She's 82 years old and seriously SO nice.)
  • (Old Man, at least 80 years old): "Can I sit in your lap?" 
(It was funnier/less weird when put into context. I was a passenger in a van because I was getting a ride to my van and we were trying to squeeze as many people in as we could.)
  • (A recent convert about her first time at Education Week): "It's like a trip to Disneyworld!!"
  • "You're an angel." 
(The ladies were so appreciative when I helped them carry their bags into their dorms on Monday when I had some downtime.) 

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