Monday, August 10, 2015


Since Grammy was kind enough to drive me to Phoenix yesterday and then to the airport this morning...I got some quality just-me-and-Grammy time. It was wonderful. I learned lots more about some interesting topics, like what to look for in a future husband, what my Daddy was like as a young-un, and I got to hear lots of stories about her mission with Grandpa Gordon in Madeira as well as of her travels to Paris and Spain, etc. 
Grammy draws enchanting little sketches in the bottom right corners of her journal pages. I love them. I think I'm gonna start doing that. Which means I'm on the hunt for a journal because the ones I have are all filled up. 
Here are some examples from my talented grandma:

Aren't they lovely?
I think so.

Here are a couple more lovely old photos I had saved to my phone:

Katheryn, Bob, and Joe. 
(the one on Grammy's lap is my dad, I'm pretty sure.)

Mary Nell, Katheryn, and Clyde.
I love pictures.

After our Tim Tam Slam, Grammy showed us what our specific ringtones were on her phone. My ringtone is a song from Somewhere in Time, a sweet, (SAD!) romantic movie.

We really love you, Grammy.

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