Sunday, August 23, 2015

Oh Snap, that's me

If I were a Disney princess, I'd be Pocahontas.

Just feed me good food and I'm happy.

The nation's hottest city.

I'm pretty sure these shirts are actually from the Cibola High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

My friend took a picture of me while I was at the pulpit. I spoke in church right before Josh gave his homecoming talk. He did amazing. Luckily they save the best for last so I could get my talk over with and leave him plenty of time.

My go-to footwear. 
(If I can't go barefoot.)

Yup, that's me.


Fry stars with oil.
Blend 3 small tomatoes, a bit of onion and 2 cloves of garlic.
Strain tomato mixture.
Add tomato mixture and more water (8 cups) to stars.

This and ABC soup with Saltine crackers reminds me of my childhood.

Friday, August 21, 2015

My fave things about being a camp counselor

  • DANCES.        - Getting TATE to dance! Whaaaat? (Okay, actually I unintentionally got him to dance. I was moping over by him because my dancing buddy was flirting with a boy. So he got me on the dance floor to cure my bad attitude. Still I'm proud of myself. And him.)
  •                          - Eliza was asked to dance by a camper. Tate pushed her out on the dance floor with him when she hesitated. It was great. Also, that same boy later asked her to marry him, but she put her foot down on that one.
  • Beating Tate and winning the picture scavenger hunt two out of the three times. #thaswassup (I'm a little competitive...)
  • Rooming with Eliza.
  • Getting to know my girlies.
  • Driving my kids in the big vans.
  • Playing around-the-world and sting-pong with Caleb and Jordan. They were my ping-pong buddies on the last day of the last camp. Too bad we didn't figure that out sooner.
  • Taking my kids to Swig and Hokulia.
  • Eating at the Canon. #desserteverydaytwiceaday
  • Awards. I got batteries and the "Energizer Bunny Award" because Will said I run everywhere and I always have so much energy.
And now for some pictures :)

Good times. I learned a lot and had a ton of fun during each of those three weeks.

I learned lots during Education Week...

1. I like driving big vans and talking to Education Week attendees as I shuttle them around BYU campus.
2. I never want to live somewhere with really bad traffic.
3. I'm like my mom; I'm good at making friends with little old ladies.
4. Take care of your body!! Listening to complaints about bad knees and ulcers and arthritis made me really grateful for my strong and healthy body. Yes, someday I will be old and I will have to deal with the trials that accompany that stage of life, but not yet.

Here are some things I heard throughout my experience as a van driver this week:
  • "You are my most favorite person at BYU."

  • Me: "Where are you headed?" 
         (Man, we'll call him Bob): "The Celestial Kingdom"
          Me: Perfect!

He was my co-pilot, so yeah...we're set.

  • "Can I adopt you?"
  • "You should have twenty kids."
  • "The Lord will bless you with the best after you serve Him on a mission."
(Those three were all from Cherryl. I helped her in her endeavor to appeal a $150 parking ticket. She was the sweetest old lady and accidentally parked in a buffer zone. I don't think she should have to pay a cent. She's 82 years old and seriously SO nice.)
  • (Old Man, at least 80 years old): "Can I sit in your lap?" 
(It was funnier/less weird when put into context. I was a passenger in a van because I was getting a ride to my van and we were trying to squeeze as many people in as we could.)
  • (A recent convert about her first time at Education Week): "It's like a trip to Disneyworld!!"
  • "You're an angel." 
(The ladies were so appreciative when I helped them carry their bags into their dorms on Monday when I had some downtime.) 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

¡¡¡Feliz aniversario!!!

Twenty-two years of marital bliss. Eternity to go.
Well, not always TOTAL bliss...but they do a marvelous job.  
I love my parents more than words can express. 

Aren't they just the cutest??

Mami made the cake and Daddy bought the roses. 

Monday, August 10, 2015


Since Grammy was kind enough to drive me to Phoenix yesterday and then to the airport this morning...I got some quality just-me-and-Grammy time. It was wonderful. I learned lots more about some interesting topics, like what to look for in a future husband, what my Daddy was like as a young-un, and I got to hear lots of stories about her mission with Grandpa Gordon in Madeira as well as of her travels to Paris and Spain, etc. 
Grammy draws enchanting little sketches in the bottom right corners of her journal pages. I love them. I think I'm gonna start doing that. Which means I'm on the hunt for a journal because the ones I have are all filled up. 
Here are some examples from my talented grandma:

Aren't they lovely?
I think so.

Here are a couple more lovely old photos I had saved to my phone:

Katheryn, Bob, and Joe. 
(the one on Grammy's lap is my dad, I'm pretty sure.)

Mary Nell, Katheryn, and Clyde.
I love pictures.

After our Tim Tam Slam, Grammy showed us what our specific ringtones were on her phone. My ringtone is a song from Somewhere in Time, a sweet, (SAD!) romantic movie.

We really love you, Grammy.