Saturday, July 11, 2015


We were debating between going to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo and we ended up going to the zoo because Tommy REEEEALLY wanted to go. Sorry, Fiona. Next time, Sea World!
My personal favorites were the jaguars and monkeys because they were SO entertaining.
A little baby!

Sucking your thumb is bad for your teeth, little guy.

All the walking...I almost died.

These saved us. Mostly me because I was the only one whining. Hey, the San Diego Zoo is pretty hilly.

Ooooh, pretty!

If I could be an animal, I'd be a jaguar.

We got to ride the Sky ride. It was so cool!

Fiona and I couldn't fit very well. #getonourlevel

I really wanted to get a caricature of myself and it was my birthday not too long ago so...yippee!!
When the artist was drawing me, he told me I didn't need to smile so much. :]

And Fiona got one too. Aren't her braces cute?

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