Sunday, July 12, 2015

The last of them

Here are the rest of the random pics I took while I was in CA and AZ. I told you I take lots of pictures...I wasn't kidding.
*happy sigh*
I enjoyed spending time with my family and capturing so many memories. I hope you spend quality time with your loved ones too. Sure, it's not always perfect. There will be bickering and fighting and conflicting opinions sometimes...but keep an eternal perspective. Express your love and appreciation for your parents, siblings, friends, etc.
Okay, I'm done. Here you go: 

My mom makes the best food ever.

I guess some firefighters were getting lunch here. 
Small, ordinary things amuse me.

Tommy got new shoes. He's stylin'.

I thought car washes were fun as a kid. I still do actually...
That blue thing is the speaker I got for my birthday! It's awesome. Doing mundane things like washing the dishes or making food becomes WAY FUN when you blast music. Try it. I used to HATE doing the dishes. I still don't love it,'s easier now.

We ate at Rocky's for my birthday. Well, the day before since my birthday was on a Sunday this year. 
I can't wait till you come home, Joshy! This was one of his favorite pizza places.

Check out the sky. STUNNING.

I love this little boy. Also, don't mind my attire. 
Spandex and t-shirts/running tank tops are my PJs.

I made this in ceramics my senior of high school.

Passing the sand dunes on our way to San Diego.

So, when we were in California, we ate out once a day and had cereal and sandwiches the rest of the time. Why? We were on vacation. My mom didn't wanna cook for that week. And the rest of us didn't complain. #hardlyanydishes!

Bread and butter. Mmmmmmmmmm. I recommend this place. Delizioso.

I liked how everything has a painting on it at Imperial Beach.

Fun fact: my sister and I forgot to bring a brush with us to San Diego. Sure, my dad brought a comb, but that doesn't work on me. A tiny comb can't tame this mess. And my mom rarely uses a brush because 1) She has curly hair and 2) Right now her hair is short anyway.
Luckily Fiona was kind enough to brush through the tangles with her fingers (read: pull apart the rat's nest that was my hair) after I showered on the third day.

Well, at least I could say I was going for the "beach waves" look.
Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a California girl. I mean, the sea does do great things for my hair.

Diego can make his pupils and irides (that is the usual plural for the iris, the part of the eye surrounding the pupil. I looked it up.) disappear. Pretty sick. I had to capture it.

Then Diego turned the camera on us.

I just love when we're all together and in good moods.

I mean, look at that face.

Blue steel. Tommy nailed it.

The Marcus Marlins cheer was awesome. I'm glad I got to witness it.

I let Fiona practice her makeup skills on me.

She told me she was doing a "cat eye" eyeliner look on me. 
Well, I didn't want her to stop there, so...

This happened.

It needs some work. But it's decided. I'm going to be a cat this year for Halloween. After all, cats are my favorite in the animal kingdom.

Fiona even did makeup on herself without using a mirror. 
She's better than I am with a mirror.

Pippin likes to sit in his doggie door and peer outside. It's purty cute.

Ah. The SKY.

We went to the Colorado river a couple times. It was fun.

Pippin LOVED swimming.

My tan lines are still blinding, but they're actually much better here than at the beginning of the summer.

She loves me.

I borrow clothes from Fiona's wardrobe when I'm home. It's great cuz then I can pack more important my running shoes.

We had a water balloon toss and fight. And there's my speaker, making another appearance. Good times.

Thomas is the star of the show for the rest of this post. Kids do the funniest things and are so fun to photograph. And Tommy is especially adorable. I mean, he is a Huston.

All packed for Cali.

See, didn't I tell you he's adorable??
He's trying to kick me.
But I'm too fast for him.

He lost a tooth! 
Well, Mom pulled it out because it was starting to look grayish, ew!

Awwwwwww just look at him!

Right before we left for Phoenix, we got to go to his swim meet. He's raced before, but this was my first time getting to watch his swim meet! I was so excited and a little nervous. Whenever there's a race going on, I get butterflies in my stomach.

He's good at backstroke.

He got first place!!! This was his first time winning and I got to see it. Woot woot!

Classic stop in Gila Bend on our way to Phoenix.
And that's the end, folks.

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