Sunday, May 3, 2015

Like mother, like daughter

My mom was in Provo from Wednesday night to Sunday morning. It was the best. I love my madre so much and I love talking with her and hanging out with her. I even stayed with her at Helaman halls so we could spend as much time together as possible. explanation of this post's's a story for ya.

While she was here, my mom lost her reading glasses. She set them down in one of her classes during Women's Conference and left them there. Oh, Mami, how could you forget your new glasses?
Well...I did the exact same thing pretty much.
I lost my phone while we were out shopping. I left it at Famous Footwear and we had already moved on to another store when I realized that my phone was NOT in my purse. Ah! Mini internal freak out moment. I ran around (frantically, but trying to appear composed) retracing my steps and thinking about where it might be. My distress was caused because this is not the first time this has happened. I have lost my phone in the past and it's not fun. First of all, my parents pay for my phone and I really do not like to let them down. Also, not having a phone in a day and age where everyone does is really inconvenient...I would know.
So that is why I was panicking when I realized that my phone might be gone forever. Since I wasn't having any success, I decided to go check Famous Footwear. As I walked, I prayed to my Heavenly Father to please, pleeeease help me find my phone. I went up to the girl at the cashier's desk and asked if anyone had turned in a phone. She said yes. I described what the case looked like and then she asked what the lock screen was. I didn't even know if she was religious or not, but I blurted out, "It's a picture of the Savior." I was just so relieved that my phone was not lost forever. Then she handed me my phone.
Phew! Crisis averted. This picture looked extra beautiful at that moment.
My mom and I walked back to the truck and said a prayer of gratitude together.

Oh boy, that little experience caused me to reflect on so many things. I was reminded that even when we feel unworthy of Heavenly Father's help, He will help us. Regardless of our faults. How amazing is that!
Yes, it was my own carelessness that caused this situation. And this is not the first time. (In fact this is probably the zillionth time I have messed up and lost something and prayed to my Father in Heaven for His help to find it.)
Well, this can be likened to us and life in general. We fall short of perfection time and time again. We feel unworthy to call upon God. But He is always there to hear and answer our prayers. Have faith. Pray to Him. And you can know for yourself.

So yeah, I almost lost my new(ish) phone. (I got it for Christmas.) My mom and I laughed about it afterwards and she told me that I got my forgetfulness from her. Like mother, like daughter. I just hope that a sometimes-forgetful brain is not all I inherited from my mom. Because she is wonderful. And I want to become more like her...a master chef/baker, a generous and charitable friend, a lover of learning, and a disciple of Christ. I hope to be a wife and a mother like her, someday.

Here are some pictures from our time together:

We went to the Payson temple open house and Slab pizza (twice hehe). We made lasagna and chocolate chip banana bread. I was in heaven. My mom and the temple and good food. YEEEESSSS. It was marvelous.

Cook ground beef until brown.
Add salt and pepper.
Add 2 cans of Hunt's traditional spaghetti sauce.

Boil water rapidly in a big pot.
Add salt.
Add lasagna slices, follow directions on box.

Mix one container of ricotta cheese, half a block of shredded mozzarella cheese, and 2 eggs to a bowl. 
Add 1 tsp. salt and 1/2 tsp. pepper.

In a pan, layer the three different components:
A bit of sauce in the bottom of the pan, pasta, cheese mixture, sauce, pasta, cheese mixture. 
Layer until you are out of pasta.
Add the rest of the sauce, Parmesan and some extra mozzarella cheese on top.
Cover with foil.
Put in the oven for 35-40 mins at 350 degrees.

Savor every bite of the warm, cheesy, Italian deliciousness that is lasagna.

Chocolate chip banana bread

NOTE: Do not just sprinkle choc chips on top. Mix a ton of those suckers into the batter AND sprinkle some on top.

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